Board Meeting – July 5, 2007

Board Meeting  –  July 5, 2007

Agenda: Cyanobacteria Watch, Bacteria Sampling, Grass Carp Application

Visitors: Raylene Erickson-PADL Recording Secretary, Kathy Davis, Grant Snyder, Wiggins Tugboats, Kevin Erickson, Barbara Landhuis

Minutes: Discussion of first year of Cynobacteria sampling only discusses the cost not the results.  Also discussed bacteria sampling.  Commitment to make a formal application to ODFW for more grass carp.

Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

For excerpts from the Minutes select

Bacteria Sampling

Robertson is working with the News Guard to publish sampling results every week on page 2 of the newspaper. It would also be published online.

Grass Carp Application

Robertson said he has talked with ODFW’s Laura Tessler about the application for the grass carp; he will begin the formal process of application. Winchester suggested that the Board wait until Green was present to cover the issue.

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