Board Meeting – August 2, 2007

Board Meeting  – August 2, 2007

Agenda: Mark 3 Wind Powered Lake Circulators

Visitors: Al Temple-LAS International Ltd., Robert and Barbara Landhuis, Paul Katen, Randy Weldon, Pat Payne, Richard Hews, Ursula Sperry

Minutes: Mention a discussion with LAS International on wind powered water circulators.

Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

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Robertson had just returned from taking Al Temple from LAS International Ltd on a tour of the lake. Al spoke to the Board on the Mark 3 Wind Powered Lake Circulators. His company has been in business for 31 years; it was cofounded to deal with fisheries in North Dakota. Al explained that the company is international in scope and he provided a list of their clients. They are currently bidding on a project in Jerusalem. He explained that his company can design and build any type of equipment—they have engineering people with 50 years of experience in water and wastewater systems.

The circulators are made from stainless steel, are self-lubricating (the greasers are battery operated) and require minimal maintenance. Maintenance cost would be approximately $25 annually per unit. The circulators have a 500foot radius and would be placed 500 feet from shore line. The circulators can handle up to 3,000 gallons per minutes at 30 mph (10,000 gallons per minute of total induced flow) with continuous mixing throughout the system. Each unit would cover 25 acres. The anchoring system can be moved. There is a cat walk around the unit that will accommodate a boat mooring; the units will not sink. Discussion ensued about the safety issue of someone hitting the units. Al said they would be happy to paint the units with any contrasting color. Al closed by offering to take any of the Board members to see one of his units.

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