Board Meeting – September 6, 2007

Board Meeting  – September 6, 2007

Agenda: Cyno-Watch, Cyanobacteria Toxin Testing Equipment

Visitors: Doug Pirie, Don Sell, Pat Payne, Chester Noreikis, Ursula Sperry, Dave Juenke

Minutes: Discussion of public concern generated by postings on the lake of cynobacterial levels.  The discussion indicates that the district has no equipment that can test to see if toxins actually exist.  Board discussed the cost of equipment to perform toxin testing but differed purchase due to the high cost. Comment made suggesting that the circulators would be in by next year.

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Winchester asked what additional charges would be incurred for testing if the $5,200 were spent for initial equipment. Robertson passed out to the Board information on the equipment currently used by the U.S. Geological Survey. He said there are six public sites around the lake, including the popular Regatta Grounds, Holmes and D River that would require one kit every four weeks at a cost of $440 $ 500 per kit per toxin.

However, for all four toxins found in the lake, testing only during August and September, cost would be about $100 per week per toxin. Testing would take place only when the water is visibly colored and potentially toxic. Approximately $1000 a month for all four toxins would cover the cost. Robertson said that if the lake became dangerously toxic, he would suggest red taping these public areas. Green suggested that if testing did not have to be performed until next year, perhaps circulators could be in place by then. Winchester suggested tabling the issue until the next meeting so that Aschenbrenner and the new board member could be involved.

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