Board Meeting – October 4, 2007

Board Meeting  – October 4, 2007

Agenda: Cyanobacteria Toxin Testing Equipment

Visitors: Doug Pirie, Don Sell, Raylene Erickson-PADL Recording Secretary, David Juenke, Ursula Sperry

Minutes: Suggestion that Salmon Creek Watershed Council could use funds from a OWEB grant to fund a cyano-toxin lab.

Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

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Cyanobacteria Toxin Testing Equipment

Robertson proposed to Salmon Creek Watershed Council that they expand their OWEB grant application to include funding for a cyanotoxin lab in Lincoln County. They currently have OWEB grants to monitor ecoli and this could augment what they are already doing. An inkind match could be proposed. Approximately $5,000 would be needed to buy the equipment and an annual operating cost would be budgeted. Robertson spoke to the manufacturer of testing equipment who feels that outstanding reagents (at about $500 apiece) will come to market in May. The next meeting is on Tuesday and Robertson will obtain more information. The District has until 10/22/07 to apply for a grant; Robertson will speak to Paul Katen about applying for a grant

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