SolarBees Freshwater Application

According to the company “The SolarBee® incorporates patented near-laminar radial flow technology that provides long-distance circulation™ (LDC) to improve water quality in freshwater lakes, ponds, & reservoirs. Energy saving rebates may be available for displacing grid power aeration or mixing.”



SolarBees freshwater application further is described at the company website at

According to the company the benefits of SolarBee’s Long-Distance Circulation are;

  • Prevent & control harmful blue-green algae blooms
  • Reduce taste and odor problems in drinking water
  • Reduce public health issues due to cyanotoxins
  • Improve aesthetics, water clarity and biodiversity
  • Improve dissolved oxygen (DO) and pH levels
  • Prevent Mn, Fe, H2S and methyl mercury from bottom waters
  • Reduce invasive aquatic weed growth
  • Improve fish habitats and prevent fish kills
  • Economical for lakes and reservoirs of any size
  • Whole or partial lake treatment
  • Near-laminar flow impacts up to 35 surface acres (14 hectares) per unit
  • Can be deployed to treat the epilimnion and/or hypolimnion
  • Day and night operation using solar energy, requires minimal maintenance and no infrastructure changes

The basis of the companies claims are contained in the following on-line literature;

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