Our Position on the Performance of SolarBees®

Our position on the performance of SolarBees® is actually neutral. We don’t think that SolarBees® performance is the core issue for Devil’s Lake. The primary issue at Devil’s Lake is an honest assessment of need. Do we have a problem that negatively impacts the lake enough that it needs SolarBees® as a solution?

We have a page entitled “Do Solar Bees Work?”, a title designed to attract visitors to the page. The page however leaves this question unanswered. We present some examples where SolarBees® trials/installations have been discontinued, each contains a response from SolarBees®. We provide a few links to scientific studies that discuss the technology in general and suggest more studies can be located at the SolarBees® website. We also present unedited, material directly from the manufacturers website, including links to their blog. Our point is not premised on the functionality of SolarBees®, in summary our posts and suggested links are intended to convey that the company has plenty of examples of SolarBees® remaining in service, we discovered several sites where they were removed. The company responded to each of these with explanations which characterized tests and/or trials that deviated in some way from the companies recommendations.

Therein lies our point on the performance of SolarBees®, and I believe the company would agree with this statement, SolarBees® will not meet the manufacturers performance claims if not properly installed in accordance with the engineered design for any given lake. Therefore, this is a simple go, no go decision, suggesting placements of a smaller number of SolarBees® than the design is off the table.

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