Mill Pond Problems May Have Been Caused by Efforts to Prevent Algae

“High levels of phosphorus suspended in the waters of Mill Pond is being blamed for a massive algae bloom that killed thousands of fish, and now the Southampton Town Trustees say water-agitating devices they approved for use may have created the problem. The Trustees stopped short of blaming the die off on the devices, called SolarBees, but said at a meeting on Tuesday that water samples taken by scientists from the US Geological Survey showed a spike in phosphorus last summer. They fear the Solarbees may have stirred up phosphorus that has settled to the lakebottom over may years fueling the immense bloom observed just before the die off.

Trustee Semlear said Solarbees were in the pond in 2007 but were not working properly at that time. They were sucking up weeds and plant material from the bottom of the pond. They were installed again in the spring of 2008.”

To view the companies response select

The response provided from SolarBee, Inc.

No statement has been provided on this installation.

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