Show Your Support

It is important to let your voice be heard. If after considering the Devil’s Lake Water Improvement District’s proposed SolarBees® project, you believe in this basic statement…

“I am opposed to the placement SolarBees® on Devil’s Lake.”

Let us list your name on this page, as a supporter. In order to have your name added to this list simply send be an email to [email protected] with your name and a request to post it on the site. You can have your name removed by the same method.


Supporters of No

Mitchell Moore

Dana Moore

Mark Christie

Mark R. Highland

Michelle A. Highland

Gary McGrath

Greg Whitaker

Jerry Bottemiller

D Stanton

Robert Long

Craig Selridge

Ted Methvin

Barbara Kent

Ron Jordan

Don McCowen

Alver McCowen

Larry Brown

Steve Louerby

Jay Schofield

Mike Bevandich

Carol Bevandich

Al Rice

Sean Cooper

Cheryl Cooper

Dani Hammer

Beryl Grabenhorst

Rick Grabenhorst

Glen Fowler

E. Ted Seitz

Suzie Moll

Jessica Taylor

Jim Taylor

Steve Brown

Nancy Brown

Keith M. Miller

James Coday

Rachael Coday

Estelle Lile

Mark Richards

Kerry Richards

Angie McNett

Larry McNett

Allan Baker

Marsha Baker

Lisa O. Voelker

Bill Pigott

Patty Henvy

Joe Henvy

David Donofrio

Jim Donofrio

Mary Joanis

Nancy Earl

Kathy Donofrio

Sally Stack

Craig Stack

Ryan Stack

Jason Stack

Julanne Weller

Lori Weller

Kim Weller-Gordon

Doug Gordon

Brian Weller Gordon

Andrew Weller Gordon

Val Martin

John Martin

John Wells

Dan Davison

Sam Burch

Megan Burch

Donald P Stanton

Daniel Gossack

Susan Detlefsen

Winona Fowler

Joel Plaisance

Keith Fowler

Melissa Plaisance

Jon Stanley

Kim Stanley


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3 responses to “Show Your Support

  1. Lawrence A. Brown

    We need to get a huge lawn sign campaign going. I’m talking about all around the lake and around the city. I’ll agree to pledge up to $1000 if I can get another 9 people to match my pledge.

  2. Lisa O. Voelker

    SolarBees are not a proven solution to blue-green algae bloom in lakes located in the Pacific Northwest; quite the opposite is true and are of record. These devices would not only be an impediment to public safety on Devil’s Lake, their purchase would be a gross misuse of public trust in the DLWID. As a previous DLWID board member I am opposed to the purchase of use of SolarBees.

  3. Joseph M Horton

    I was just looking at the website and noticed Ms Voelkers statement on what she does not know. Please do not let the politics of Steilacoom muddle your thinking. Blue Lake in the Portland area used to have toxic algae warnings on a regular bases. Now we don’t experience these issues. Yes I said the politics of Steilacoom. Sometime you should look into the backgrounds of some of the experts that commented on that lake. Interesting.

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