DLWID Board To Make Presentation On SolarBees

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District meets next Thursday May 7, 2009 at 6pm. For specifics on the meeting please download the Agenda and Support items. According to the meeting material created by Paul Robinson and posted on the DLWID website:

“As we may expect some new attendees to the meeting, I intend to go through a slideshow presentation about Whole Lake Circulation. This slideshow has been and currently is available on our website on the Project Page. Additionally complete copies of all of the presentation given to the DLWID Board of Directors from SolarBee representatives (dating back to February 2007) are available online at http://www.DLWID.org.”

Given DLWID’s intention to give a formal presentation on the SolarBees project we are encouraging you to attend and hear more about their intentions. Since SoarBees are an agenda item, it will be a great opportunity to express your opinions on the project.

For the benefit of those who cannot attend, it would be wonderful to receive a brief summary of the impressions of those who do attend this meeting.  Either by email at [email protected] or as a comment on the blog. We’ll create a post for that purpose.

The DLWID Budget Committee meeting will be held on Monday, May 11th at 10am.  The 2009-2010 DLWID Budgetwas published today and is available for review from the DLWID website.  A quick review of the budget reveals proposed funding for the SolarBees project.  According to the Budget Committee meeting announcement:

“The public is encourage to attend and will be provided an opportunity to comment.”

The Water District’s offices are located at 820 SE Hwy 101 Suite D, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367, that’s upstairs from Radio Shack.

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