Please Comment on the DLWID Board Meeting

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District meeting was tonight. Please leave your thoughts and comments on this post so those who could not attend will know what was said.



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4 responses to “Please Comment on the DLWID Board Meeting

  1. Jim Taylor

    I did not attend the meeting on May 7. I found out about about the Solarbees by brochure on May 8th. This is nothing more than a attempt by environmental wackjobs to control what happens on Devils Lake by stealing more tax payer money so they can further their agenda. Can anyone guess what will be next? It wouldn’t surprise me if they start pushing for no watersports because it somehow is causing damage to the solarbees. The next meeting in June they need to be told they won’t be stealing more taxpayer dollars for this insane missmanagement of taxpayer money. If they want to raise their own money to purchase their own lake to put solarbees on, they can go back to the liberal colleges or Universities they got their worthless degrees from and demand a refund for teaching such stupidity!!!

  2. Estelle Lile

    I hope this board is prepared to fight the numerous law suits that will come about from this absolutely stupid suggestion of placing these dangerous devises in Devils Lake. This is insane and intelligent people need to take a stand. It appears that someone is only interested in their own monetary gain and not caring about the safety of human beings. NO SOLARBEES !!!!!

  3. Kerry Richards

    I did attend the Board Meeting where Paul did a good job with the sale pitch for SolarBees. However, despite all our attempts to have the Board members listen to us – they are not! Plans are moving forward for the money needed for this project. I am sending an email to the Board members and Paul this morning asking at what point will they hear us?
    1) do we need a petition signed by 23 property owners (it only took 22 for the Board to want to lower the lake level)
    2) All 500 lake front owners?
    3) All 9000 members in the Devil Lake Water District?
    4) A court order?
    Please advise – so we know where to place our energy?

    I will write back to you all here when and IF I hear back from the Board members.

  4. jon stanley

    DLWID needs to listen to the people who live on the lake, because like it or not, the Solar Bees are not going to be implemented without heavy scrutiny by year-round lake dwellers and absentee owners from Salem, Portland and any other part of the U.S. This debate involves science, safety, money, urgency, prudence, and any other descriptor you want to throw at it.

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