Lake Front Signs Now Available

Thanks to a generous donation from Lake Front homeowner Larry Brown we have produced 300 yard signs for placement on the lake.  These 18″x24″ signs will clearly declare your position as it relates to Devil’s Lake Water Improvement District’s plans to put 20 SolarBees on our lake this summer.  That is “SolarBees – No! No! No! ”  Our goal is to put all 300 signs on the lake to send a clear message to DLWID that SolarBees are unpopular and unwanted.  Additionally we hope that these signs will get the message out to the greater public that regularly use Devil’s Lake throughout the year.  There opinion should be a part of this decision along with the rest of us.

New Yard Sign

New Yard Sign

If you would like to have a No SolarBees sign placed at the water’s edge on your property please email your request including the address of your lakefront property to [email protected].  We’ll make our best effort to install a sign on your behalf as soon as possible.  If you would like to make a donation to the cause to help defer these costs let us know, all contributions will be gladly accepted.

So don’t delay!  Let us know of your desire to voice your opposition to SolarBees!  The sooner we get these signs placed, the more effective our message will be.

Thanks again, Larry!

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