DLWID Board Vacancy

Devils Lake Water Improvement District Manager Paul Robertson announced today a vacancy on the District’s board. The application is availabe by download on this site or at dlwid.org. Appications from interested parties are due by July 15th, 2009. The full text of the announement was as follows.

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board of Directors is seeking to fill a recent vacancy on its Board of Directors. Long time member, Smokey Aschenbrenner has recently resigned from the board, creating the vacancy. Smokey has served on DLWID’s board since his appointment in March 2002, filling a vacancy left at the time by Lynn Hermo. He was then elected to the position in 2003 and again in 2007. Within his over seven years worth of service to the Board, Smokey has served as Chair, Vice Chair, and most recently as Secretary/Treasurer. Longtime friend and fellow board member, Otis Winchester, said recently, “Smokey’s calm insight and experience will be missed on the board. Not only has he been a valuable member to the District, but has served the city in a number of ways including being mayor and as a member of the Lincoln City Lions Club.” Otis who has served on the board for six years himself was elected Secretary/Treasurer for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Other changes to the make up of the board include the addition of David Skirvin to the board. David was elected to the board in the May 2009 election, filling Position 5 held most recently by Dave Juenke who did not seek reelection. Speaking at last Thursday’s meeting, his last as a board member, Dave Juenke said this about the SolarBee project and cyanobacteria, ”The amount of information that has been acquired nationally and even by us to understand its (cyanobacteria) relationship to Devils Lake has increased on an exponential curve, so that we are light-years ahead with information about what it can do, what happens to it, then we were even two years ago. It is now to the point where I satisfied myself, that it (cyanobacteria) is a very critical health and safety issue that has to demand all of our attention until we get a satisfactory answer to it.” He went one to quote Kenneth Kauffman, Environmental Health Specialist with the Oregon DHS Environmental Toxicology Program, who said chronic exposure of low doses of microcystin, one of the toxins produced by cyanobacteria, can lead to permanent and progressive liver damage, but that it may take years for the damage to be recognized. Dave closed with comments about how he supports the decision by the board to set aside the SolarBee project until the District has additional information on the effects of cyanobacteria, but that he felt it would be irresponsible, “to turn our back” on cyanobacteria as long as it has the possibility to be harmful or dangerous.

Brian Green, an incumbent and current chair of the District, was also elected in the May election. He is now in his first full term, having been elected previously to an unexpired term in May 2007. However, Brian’s connection to the District stems back to the very beginning of the District in 1984, as he served as the District’s attorney and was instrumental in the formation of the District. The District is a five member, all volunteer board, which with the recent election and vacancy is rounded out by Jack Strayer who was appointed in 2006 and elected in 2007. All board members can be reached by email using their first name followed by “@DLWID.org”. Likewise the manager can also be reached by email at [email protected].

Those interested in applying for an appointment to the board should contact the District for an application (541) 994-5330 or obtain one through the website: http://www.dlwid.org. To qualify directors must own property in Lincoln City or in the watershed and be a US citizen. Applications are due by July 15, 2009.

Paul Robertson, Lake Manager
Devils Lake Water Improvement District

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