DLWID To Homeowners – We’re Not Done Yet!

If you attended the June 4th Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board Meeting you may have thought that we were done with SolarBees® on Devils Lake.  The actual decision read;

 “defer further actions toward pursuing SolarBees until we have more information regarding the nature, extent and effects of cyanobacteria and learn more about the safety experience with SolarBees on other recreational lakes.”

The above language does not represent a final decision by the DLWID Board but rather it appears to be just a deferral of the ultimate decision.  This position is clearly stated by DLWID Board President, Brian Green in the most recent article “Lake Abuzz Over Bees” that ran in the News Guard June 17, 2009. 

According to that article Green said “the recent surge in interest in the SolarBee proposal has convinced the board that it should hold a specially advertised public meeting prior to any decision to go ahead with the project.”

The article continues, Green said “everyone should keep an open mind about all the concerns that have been raised and allow firm data to drive the conversation. A lot of this has the feel of people having a pre-ordained conclusion that they don’t want SolarBees on the lake and coming up with arguments against them,” he said, adding: “I would urge everyone to draw back, take a deep breath and let’s just do some more investigation.”

While the District is moving ahead on some very positive steps such as, improved communication, and native re-vegetation there still seems to be a prevailing line of thinking that lake users can still be convinced that SolarBees® are the right solution for Devils Lake.

 I would encourage each of you to check nosolarbees.com for updates and to keep current on the issues.  Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

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