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From Opinion Column
News Guard
July 15, 2009

After reading the July 8 story about the cyanobacteria scare at Devil’s Lake, I really had a good laugh. At first I thought I was reading the script from Jaws, where the Mayor is complaining to the Chief of Police that he can’t shut the beaches at Amity, it will hurt tourism! (After all only a few people were killed by the shark.)

Well here you have a few people who live around the lake, and no doubt have been contributing to the algae bloom due to their septic systems, complaining about the manager warning everyone of the danger.

The DLWID Manager Paul Robertson made sure that everyone knew that the Lake was having problems. Good Job Mr. Robertson – you did the right thing for the right reasons!

For those who criticize Robertson, keep in mind that the DWLID has a legal responsibility to notify the public when serious health issues show up in the Lake water. It is called “vicarious liability.” (If you don’t know what it means, look it up!)

If any child, adult, or even pet were seriously injured or died due to contact with that water, and the district had kept it to itself – what do you think would happen? The next article would be describing the lawsuit in Federal Court.

So before you complain about somebody doing their job – think first! Robertson deserves a pat on the back, not a kick in the pants!

David R DeSau


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