July 28, 2009

Cyano1The first signs of this year’s blue-green algae bloom began on July 28th.  Some surface scum can be found in area that the prevailing wind has concentrated algae in confined areas.   You can click on the picture to the right to get an enlarged view that shows the higher concentrations. With the high temperatures in the valley, the air has been still on the lake and large patches of highly concentrated algae can be seen in the various areas of the lake.  The majority of the lake apears to have much lower levels with algea present but not highly concentrated.  We’ll continue to make visual observations and report results.  We have added a new sidebar feature to this website that provides a convient link to the latest DLWID water quality test.

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One response to “Cyano-Bloom

  1. Joe Horton

    On Blue Lake this year (Portland area) we once again had no blooms from any toxic blue/green spores. Even during the last past 2 weeks (heat wave of 100 degree plus weather)we maintained 12 foot secchi dish readings. Why don’t we have the blooms anymore? One answer, Solar Bee units installed 3 years ago. You can fight it all you want, you still have a problem. Our problem now is weeds and help is coming with a 4th Solar Bee for the weeds. Making the negative comments and ignorant statements will still leave you with water quality issues. Educate yourselves and learn to answer the needs of your lake, not what you think it needs. Solar bee has a 95% satisfaction for their customers, that’s pretty remarkable. Do any of you have businesses as good? I am glad we do not have the same politics as you folks.

    Homeowner and former lake steward

    Joe Horton

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