DLWID Communications Committee Meets

This was the committee’s first official meeting.  The meeting began promptly at 7:00pm and adjourned at 9:00pm.In attendance: Jack Strayer, Raylene Erickson, Mitchell Moore, Kerry Richards, and Donna Elsasser.

The group participated in a discussion of what we should accomplish.  Some of the initial ideas included the use of myemma.com for email campaigns, the creation of a newsletter, several informational pieces from NALMS, the Oregon Department of Health and other States we’re distributed and discussed.

The group felt it needs to decide who DLWID is communicating with and what needs to be communicated. Perhaps the creation of a plan defining various aspect of DLWID communication would be the best used of the committees resources.

The committee should examine the relationship between PADL and DLWID and other groups. We should review the website, its purpose and its effectiveness. An organization called one/northwest designs environmental websites.

The group created a Purpose Statement for the committee.  “The purpose of the committee is to help develop a plan for the district to effectively communicate to homeowners, lake users and other organizations associated with Devils Lake.  Continue to work with the district to communicate the Districts goals to help lake stakeholders improve the lake.”

The discussion continued related to the creation of a Communications Plan for use by DLWID.  Some of the key elements of such a plan would include a description of communications objective, a description of the media available to the district, and the identification of the audience.  The plan would continue to identify specific media for use with each objective and identify specific campaigns and timelines for each objective.

The meeting minutes (DLWID Communications Committee 08072009) are available for download.  The committee feels it is important to receive input from the community and it was suggested that the nosolarbees site may be one way to accomplish that goal.  We have created a Communications Committee page so you may leave your comments and suggestions.  Please visit the page to help improve communication between citizens and the water district.

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