September Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its September board meeting in their offices on Thursday, September 3, 2009.  The meeting was attended by 10 – 12 interested parties.  The first order of business was the appointment of Randy Weldon to fill the open board seat. 

During the public comment portion of the meeting many comments suggested that he language used in the cyano-watch program is scaring people from using the lake.  It was suggested that the postings were being interpreted that contact with the lake water  or even boating will cause immediate harm.  The discussion continued with a proposal that the posting should include the specific health effects for a particular sized individual.  It was pointed out that specific information is difficult to obtain.  In the end the district committed to reviewing the language to see if it can be made more effective.

Lake Manager, Paul Robertson reported on many matters during the evening.  The lake level was reported to continue to remain at 9.25′ which has prompted an inquiry from the State about why evaporation was not lowering the lake level over the summer.  A new assessment of lake flow may occur this fall.  Hannah Nicholls, DLWID intern, reported that her summer is nearing its end and she continues to assist with water quality testing, stream flow measurements and creating an electronic archive of news articles for the District. 

During the discussion on the Devils Lake Plan it was reported that a contract has been received from Tetra-Tek describing the details of the native re-vegetation project.  The components of the project include;

  1. Native Plan Listing and Planting Instructions
  2. Commercial Sources of Plant Material
  3. Mesocosm Nursery Tanks
  4. Enclosure Construction
  5. Plant Guide Development

Staff reported on the results of their investigation into safety issues related to SolarBees® as suggested by the resolution passed in the June board meeting.  The investigation consisted of asking SolarBees® if there were any safety issues, for which they responded a snowmobiler ran into a SolarBees® on a frozen lake.  This prompted a comment by the public that he was concerned that the board didn’t get the message sent by the public.  While safety issues are a concern they are not the major concern, the public just feels that SolarBees® are not necessary given the issues that exist on the lake. 

The newly formed Communications Committee reported a successful first meeting and indicated that its second meeting will occur the following night in which a discussion of the draft Communications Plan would occur.  An update was provided on the RARE intern program with the announcement that an individual has been selected; the program should run about 12 months.  A water quality report was given with the latest test taken the day of the meeting included toxicology tests, identifying one site that exceeded the ORS standard of 8ppb of Microcystin.  You can find a link to the latest water quality test in the side bar on  

The next DLWID board meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2009 at 6:00 pm.

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