ODFW Supports Septic Plan

In a recent letter to the Lincoln City Manger, Robert Buckman, of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife encourage the creation of the proposed Septic Revitalization Program.  Mr. Buckman writes

I would like to provide Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Support for the efforts by Lincoln City and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) to address failing septic systems around Devils Lake.

This endorcement raises the bar since the city will likely weight the support of this State agency heavier that the comments of its citizens. This despite the fact that the letter only anecdotally suggest that this is “step in the right direction”.  The letter offers no scientific or quantitative information that would indicate that septic tanks are failing or to what extent they may be contributing to the overall nutrient load of Devils Lake.  Indeed Mr. Buckman closes with

The ODFW recognizes this alone will not solve nutrient issues and associated weed and toxic algae problems in Devils Lake, but it is a key action to bring about long-term improvements in lake conditions.

If you doubted that this ordinance would ever happen I encourage you to read the entire letter.  To do so click here. Also review the DLWID Manager’s Report, it is clear our efforts have not yet dissuaded his resolve.  As stated earlier I spoke to the City Recorder yesterday (January 4th) and she verified that the proposed septic ordinance will be on the January 11th agenda as a discussion item.  This is moving forward.  Please attend the upcoming meetings, write your DLWID Board, Mayor and City Council.

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