So Many Ways To Stay Informed

At we embrace the latest trends in communication in an attempt to keep you posted as timely as possible.  One innovation was put to work at the last DLWID board meeting, we utilized a mobile app to post the April board meeting report.  This meant that at the moment that the chair gaveled the meeting adjourned we had publish our report to you.  That’s up to the minute!

There are several other innovations that we now offer to help you stay in touch.  They are;


We have been providing regular updates to our followers by using Twitter located at  It is free and easy to sign up for a twitter account and it is a worry free way receive updates in real time, that is within minutes of when news breaks.  Follow this link to follow nosolarbees on

RSS Feeds

Do you prefer to use a feed reader, perhaps on your iGoogle page or smart phone?  RSS feeds are another way to be informed immediately the moment a new article posts on the nosolarbees site.  We can provide you with two options the WordPress RSS Feed and an optimized FeedBurner RSS Feed.  Just follow the links to sign up.


Feel more comfortable with email?  That’s OK, we have options for you as well.  Our first option will keep you the most current; you may now sign up to receive each new article by email. Each morning a new article is published you will receive a message. This new service will allow you to keep current with minimum effort! Click to subscribe to No SolarBees by Email

Want your lake news summarized?  We publish a email newsletter that is designed to focus on current issues concerning the lake. Please sign up for our email newsletter. We also maintain a archive of all previous email newsletters which are available online. Click for the Newsletter Archive

DLWID also maintains a email distribution list and we recommend that interested parties sign up for their emails as well.  You can sign up by visiting and following the quick link.

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