Welcome to the Navigator

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District has determined that they will not pursue placement of SolarBees® on Devils Lake. In honor of that decision, we have chosen to retire the nosolarbees.com site.

Introducing the Devils Lake Navigator, a more comprehensive location for our lakeside community to stay informed. Please bookmark the URL for this new site at www.dlakeoregon.com. We will continue to bring you updates on lake treatment options but it will no longer be the primary focus of our site. We will bring you regular updates on the DLWID meetings as well as City and County activities that may affect lake living. We’ll provide you information on the latest lakeside developments; therefore reports on issues like the Septic Tank Revitalization Program and Save Our Shorelines will be a major component of our efforts to keep you informed.

It is our desire to help foster the renewed sense of community that has surfaced around the lake in recent years. To that end, we have created a new section entitled “Lakeside” where we hope to keep a dialogue going about living on the lake, events, activities, goings on. Please help us with this endeavor by sharing; let us know if you have planned an event, had a particularly great weekend, landed a trick, caught a big fish, or improved your property. After all, we share a common backyard and if we share common experiences life on Devils Lake might be just a little more fun! If you have, any ideas on how to improve this new section send us a note.

Please enjoy the new site and visit often.

Mitchell Moore

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One response to “Welcome to the Navigator

  1. Hi, Mitchell.

    Thanks for the discussion last week. If I can ever help you, let me know.
    Two points I would like to make today are:
    (1) Devils Lake would lend itself to a partial lake treatment test of a few SolarBees, your lake is not “all or nothing” as your site now indicates, and
    (2) I wanted to let you know we updated a short paper “Common Sense Suggestions for Lake Restoration Projects” that I think could help your group. You can read it online, or else download a pdf from the button at the bottom of the page. The link is http://lakes.solarbee.com/white-papers/common-sense-suggestions-lake-restoration-projects .
    Again, thanks, I appreciate the work you do for your lake.

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