Water Rights Update

Draft Preliminary Determination Completed

According to the Oregon Water Resources Department database the Preliminary Determination for Transfer Application T-11116 for Lincoln City’s change in the Point of Diversion (P.O.D.) of their existing Rock Creek water right was drafted today.  From reviewing other applications it appears that it can generally take 3-4 weeks from the time the draft is written to the time it is issued in the OWRD Weekly Notice.

Interested parties can easily follow the process;  you should download the Weekly Notice and scroll down to the section titled “Transfer Preliminary Determinations” to view the information related to Application T-11116. A Preliminary Determination provides the Department’s conclusion as to whether a proposed change in place of use, point of diversion or appropriation, or character of use of an existing water right should be approved.  Please see “How to Participate in a Water Rights Proceeding” for a detailed description of the remaining steps in this process.

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One response to “Water Rights Update

  1. nosolarbees

    Checked this week’s OWRD 10/26/2010 Notice and the City’s application was not listed under the preliminary determination section again this week.

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