Grass Carp Back In Strategic Plan

Work Begins On The Permitting Process

The DLWID Board has determined that the District should pursue an application to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for a permit to re-introduce grass carp into Devils Lake.  This time the use of grass carp would be part of a comprehensive management plan for the lake containing several preventive strategies toward the creation of a healthy lake.

To that end, the District is working on a draft Devils Lake Plan describing these various techniques that may be deployed in managing the lake.  The draft has not been released for public review but the District has indicated that there will be an opportunity for the public to review and comment on what’s inside.

In the meantime, District staff has been hard at work learning what it may take to receive approval for the use of grass carp in Devils Lake.  This month’s Manager Report contains a detailed description of their findings.  I would recommend your review beginning at page 5 as it is highly informative.  We have been given a 50/50 chance at success and there will be a day where public support will be requested.  So stay informed and become active!

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