Lake Level: November Update

Rains and Tides and a Whole Lot of Sand

November brought a couple of unusually high tidal events washing the mighty Pacific and a portion of the wayside beach into the mouth of the D-River.  Sand was deposited well beyond the Highway 101 bridge completing shutting down flow from the lake to the ocean. This month’s DLWID Manager report provides a description of what to occured.

Except from DLWID Manager Report (11-01-2010)

The D River became clogged with sand by high seas on October 24. Lake level was about 9.5 feet. On October 29th we received the last of the bids for dredging, and thus we used the lowest bid to dredge the D River on Monday Nov 1. The reason for waiting was that Kyllos had started a project sand blasting and repainting their I beams, which could have been greatly impacted by a reopened channel. The lake was not very high at that time. We did though receive a great deal more rain than was predicted over the weekend, and thus the lake level did rise sharply causing suitable alarm by many around the lake. The Monday dredging though predictably did not last long as ocean swells clogged the River by early Tuesday morning. On Wednesday we dredge again with the lake reaching its peak at 11.2’. The river has been running wide and clear since. As of 4 pm Friday the lake level was reportedly at 10.2′.

Much of this was captured by our Lake Manager by short videos and posted on the Districts Facebook Page. Some of the interesting posts included; 31 Foot Seas Takes Its Toll, D-River Down But Not Out, D-River 2011-11-02, D-River 2011-11-03, D-River Tubing, and Coho Salmon in the D River.

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