Oregon Coast Today Videos

Just in case you haven’t discovered Oregon Coast Today its that nifty little paper that you can pick up for free in paper boxes all over town.  Each week you’ll find the latest in arts, entertainment and outdoor activities.  The creators of this newspaper Niki and Dave Price also are fond of creating video shorts on all sorts of topics in and around Lincoln County.  You can find these videos in three different locations; with their 20-30 favorites on their website video page, and over 50 on in their Facebook video page, which also appear on their YouTube video page.

By way of example take a look at two recent posts on their Facebook Fan Page.  The first is a glimpse of the big wave contest held at Nelscott Reef on November 2nd.  The second was a unique shot of Coho salmon entering the D River west of the bridge.  If you’ve never seen is you should check it out.  Be sure an check back often as their always interesting.

Nelscott Reef

Coho in D River

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