It’s About Dam Time

We have received many inquires related to the unseasonably low lake levels and offer this explanation. The Devils Lake Water Improvement District has been conducting an erosion study to determine if and how the lake level impacts erosion on properties surrounding Devils Lake. In order to facilitate the study the dam has been left out until completion of the fieldwork. The work was scheduled to begin June 14, 2011 and last one week.

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District holds a Recreational Water Use Right on Devils Lake. The water impoundment right allows the District to store additional water in the lake between April 15 and October 15.  The level of the impoundment has been a hotly debated topic in the communnity over the past two years.  The DLWID board resolved last year to exercise the maximum impoundment right of 9.53′; the current lake level is at 8.9′ approximately 7 1/2″ lower than the target level.

We are hopeful that the dam will be constructed in the coming week.  We have inspected the site and found that the vertical members are all in place. Therefore all that would be required is the placement of the horizontal elements which should be able to be accomplished in short order.  At that point we can hope for a period of rain to restore the lake level.

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