August DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its July board meeting in the District offices on Thursday, August 4th, 2011.  Four interested parties attended the meeting.

Public Comment: There was one comment asking the District to review its position related to the City Managers recent comments that the lake is polluted.

Vegetation Management: The District continues to work toward obtaining a permit to re-introduce grass carp into Devils Lake.  As part of its work plan the District has made contact with the appropriate ODFW staff.  Representatives of the Board and the DLWID manager meet with ODFW staff prior to this board meeting and they reported that ODFW suggested the District seek a rule change specific to Devils Lake. The primary sticking point relates to rules restricting grass carp placement on bodies of water which have public access. The goal is to establish an avenue to permit continued vegetation contol through the use of grass carp. The District is seeking the assistance of an expert to assist with the process of appealing their grass carp application. There was a discussion of the providers available to the District for this work and the District will draft a RFP for the project.

Devils Lake Revival: The Devils Lake Revival has been scheduled by DLWID to be held at Regatta Park on August 27th from 10am to 2pm.  Details of this fun event will include booths manned by DLWID staff, food, music provided by Schooner Creek String Band, a regatta, boat trips on the lake, and safety presentations and other yet to be announced activities.  Plan to attend this unique event.

DSL Open House: The District staff and few members of the board attended an open house sponsored by the Oregon Department of State Lands designed to communicate changes to the permitting process associated with structures on Devils Lake.  It was reported that the District was able to present on the Save Our Shoreline program to those in attendance.

Intern Report: Intern work has been related to water quality on the lake, organizing District project information linked to a GIS system. Also working on the Revival including a drawing for business supported prizes with a kayak for a grand prize.

Sewer LID:  Brian Green reported on the efforts by neighbors near Regatta Park to install an extension to the City sewer system.  He stated that the boundries are being adjusted and the area has grown by 14 parcels.

Union 50: The DLWID Board has been exploring the possibility of buying the old Union 50 building for potential use for the offices of the District. DLWID Board member Brian Green provided an update; a meeting has been set up with Urban Renewal for next week.

DNA Bacterial Source Tracking: The District has dropped the specific emphasis on Thompson Creek for DNA testing which would attempt to identify a potential source of measured E.coli levels.  The District must locate a new lab to perform the test and has contacted the Seattle Based Lab, but initial estimate would have exceeded their budget by ten of thousands of dollars.  The next steps are to find a provider to perform the study.

Erosion Study:  It was reported that the District expects the results of this study to be available in time for the October Board meeting.

DLWID Regular Meeting Venue: A discussion of the potential of holding the Districts regular meetings at City Hall occurred; this resulted in a decision to move to the new venue begining with the October meeting.

Non-Agenda Items: A board member suggested that the Thompson Creek sampling site should move into the lake to be more representative of where users of the lake would be exposed threat. The samping methodology will be review and adjusted to take multiple samples in the area to gain more knowledge about how E.coli flows into the lake.

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