Help Protect Your Lake

Break the Pollutant Cycle!

Be Informed Shoppers

• Break the pollutant cycle by starting at the source. Make pollutant reduction a priority when you shop.

• Look for personal care and cleaning products that are fragrance free, biodegradable, and made from natural ingredients.

• Watch out for labels with “caution” “warning” or “danger.”

• Buy only what you need and will use up. Share excess products with friends, neighbors and others.

• Purchasing safer alternatives can reduce the amount of toxics you come into contact with, reduce the demand for chemicals that may harm humans or the environment, and reduces the household hazardous waste you need to dispose of later.

• Check out EPA’s Design for the Environment website for a list products that are safer alternatives at

Proper Disposal Matters

• Collect and properly dispose of extra or old household chemicals, like paints, pesticides, car oil, detergents, cleaning supplies, etc. Call your local waste hauler or visit DEQ’s Household Hazardous Waste website to learn proper disposal options.

• Never pour these products down the drain/toilet or dump onto the ground or storm drains.

• Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to treat for all chemicals. Stormwater often goes directly into streams and lakes without being treated.

The Medicine Cabinet

• Prevent and reduce pharmaceutical pollutants from entering the water we play in and get drinking water from.

• Take only the proper amount of medication needed or prescribed. Excess pharmaceuticals pass through the body and end up in wastewater where they can be difficult to remove.

• Dispose of excess prescription medications at a drug take back event or collection box.

• Never flush unused prescription or over-the-counter medication down the toilet unless label instructions say flushing is acceptable.

• In a disposable container, mix unused

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