October DLWID Board Meeting Report


The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting was on Thursday October 6th at 6:00pm and was held in its new permanent location in the City Hall Council Chambers  located on the third floor of City Hall.  With the move the District Board meetings will appear on Channel 4 for all Charter customers. You can check the Channel 4 Schedule for airing times.

Public Comment: There were 4 interested parties in attendance. One public comment was made suggesting the District review the structure of its agenda to be potentially more compatable with being on cable access given that attendees will no longer be able chime into the discussions. Appreciation was expressed for the move to the Council chambers and cable access.

Septic Tank Revitalization:  District Project Manager, Seth Lenaerts reported that he attended a meeting with the current City Council to discuss the progress that has been made related to a septic tank inspection ordinance.  As a result it was agreed that it was a complex issue which might benifit by a workshop. The workshop concept will be on the Council agenda next Monday.

Save Our Shoreline: The District offered a Lakescaping course to seven interested attendees on, Saturday, September 17, focusing on the environmental, economic and social value of planting native vegetation around Devils Lake.  An update was provided related to the SOS project at the East Devils Lake State Recreation Area. The next step will be a cultural review by the State. Once complete an RFP can be released to strip the dead sod and invasive species that were killed this summer using black plastic.  After vegetation removal storm water catchment will be expatiate and the shoreline will then be planted with plants that will help to prevent erosion. The Board authorized the Lake Manager to award the project after review. 

Vegetation Management:  There was a brief discussion on the details of the draft RFP for the outside consultant on the grass carp project. The submission deadline is Friday October 14, 2011 4 pm.

Sewer:  Brian Green stated that the project in his neighborhood is continuing on schedule. He has received the City staff report and the good news is that it is consistent with orginal estimates.

Communications Report: The season for water quality reports has passed.  These reports were sent out weekly throughout the summer. Summary data can be found at the DLWID Water Quality page. In all, there were 16 sampling periods. E. coli tests were performed at 9 locations; upstream measurements on Thompson Creek and Rock Creek proved to be the most troublesome.  Blue Green algae became visible late in the season but observations never exceeded a moderate rating and measurements of microcystin never were greater than Oregon DHS advisory level of 8 ppb. Look for the upcoming Fall Edition of the ENewsletter “Clearwaters”.

Erosion Study:  It was reported last month that the District expected the results of this study to be available in time for the October or possibility the November Board meeting.  The presentation has been scheduled for the November 3, 2011 meeting.

Water Quality Reporting Thompson Creek: The District contracted with a commercial lab (IEH Inc.) near Seattle to do the analysis.  The sampling began last Wednesday during the first real rain event. Additional samples will occur when the ground becomes saturated, and the streams start to swell.  Sampling will be done on Thompson Creek and the D River.  Samples will be taken for E. coli analysis as well as the DNA work.  The presence of E. coli will determine the need for additional DNA analysis.  Last year the District did three sample days and they intend to use the same sampling period this year.

Audit Vendor: The District sent out letters soliciting 16 qualified auditing firms including all coastal firms and those in McMinnville, Albany or Corvallis.  They received only one response to their request for proposals from their current provider Grimstad & Associates .  The current proposal is a substantial increase from last year as well as the two prior years.  The Board decided to have Grimstad & Associates perform a review rather than a full audit for the current year and resubmit the RFP to solicit for subsequent years, from a larger list of qualified firms. The Board expressed concern that the cost increase was so great and asked staff to review the RFP to ensure that the Districts requirements were not the cause.

Devils Lake Plan Presentation:  A slideshow was presented detailing the Devils Lake Plan as adopted by the DLWID Board of Directors in March 2011, as well as the status of current projects and the District’s Top 5 Priorities.  The purpose of the presentation was to seek the Board’s direction as to which types of projects they would like to focus on in the upcoming months.  The Board provided staff some guidance on how the remaining tasks in the plan should be prioritized.

2011 Legislative Review: A breif discussion of bills that passed in the Oregon Legislature that may impact Devils Lake occured.

Non-Agenda Items: Board Member Randy Weldon requested that the District consider the District shift to the use of “blue green algae” from “cyanobacteria” to match the terms that are used by the State of Oregon. This will be reviewed prior to the next sampling season.

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