Lake at Lowest Level This Year

Lake resident Mark Christie posted this comment on his Facebook page this weekend, “Wow. 29″ from my floating temporary dock to my fixed deck. Who pulled the plug out of D Lake?”  Those of you who have been to the lake in recent weeks know that the lake is very, indeed it is at its lowest point all year.  The unofficial gauge installed at my dock reads 8.8’ and I have exposed lakebed all the way around my seawall.

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District removed the D River dam on October 12th, at which time the lake had already dropped to 9.0’.  In October there was just 2.05” of precipitation prior to the dam removal and since that time, there have been 5 days of rain, registering a total .03” of precipitation.  Historically, October will provide many very nice days to enjoy but it does generally provide much more rain with a monthly average of 7.5”.  Not to worry, you can double that figure for each of the months of November, December and January, so I would not bet on the lake staying this low for too much longer.

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