November DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting was on Thursday November 3rd at 6:00pm and was held in the City Hall Council Chambers  located on the third floor of City Hall.  There was a mix up preventing this District Board meeting from appearing on Charter Channel 4.

Public Comment: There were 3 interested parties in attendance. One public comment related to the upcoming sewer/septic workshop to be held by the city.  It was suggested that the District should attend the workshop and gather information to report to the board so they may carefully consider how to address the issue.  Concerns were expressed that this would be an unpopular time to pursue construction of a sewer system that could bring, annexation, city taxes, LID assessments and monthly bills to homes that received the new service.  Due to the real estate crisis, lower home values the potential for high mortgages could eliminate homeowner’s ability to refinance to cover these costs.  Due to the Roads End annexation controversy, homeowners in the Lincoln City urban growth boundary are very skeptical of the City’s intensions. The District was warned that they may squander their recent goodwill if they align themselves with the right initiatives at the wrong time.

Septic Tank Revitalization:  District Project Manager, Seth Lenaerts reported that he will attend the sewer/septic workshop.  He reported that the workshop’s main issue would be to discuss sewers around the lake included Local Improvement District (LID) formation, scope of work to add sewer, construction costs and options to accelerate sewer construction.  He stated the discussion would also focus on a septic system inspection ordinance.

Save Our Shoreline:  An update was provided related to the SOS project at the East Devils Lake State Recreation Area. The State archeologist reviewed the location for the project and determined that according to their documents and maps, the area does not contain any known historical artifacts.  Therefore, site preparation for this project is scheduled for November 14 to be performed by John Thompson Construction.  Planting will take place November 16-18.

Vegetation Management:  Two responses were received to the Districts RFP for the outside consultant on the grass carp project. The board appointed a special interview panel consisting of two board members and the Lake Manager to interview each of the applicants.   This panel will then make its recommendation to the full board by the December meeting at which time the project will be awarded.

Sewer:  Brian Green stated that the project in his neighborhood is continuing.

Communications Report: It was reported that the District board meeting from last month has been airing on Charter Cable Government Access Channel 4 on a daily basis.

Erosion Study:   The Erosion Study was to be presented in the November meeting. Due to staff conflicts, Tetra Tech was be unable to provide a presentation on the erosion study at the November meeting. Tetra Tech staff has been confirmed and will present at the District’s December 1 meeting. The board will also discuss the study in the January meeting with possible action in Feburary.

Water Quality Reporting Thompson Creek: The District’s vacuum pump failed and needs to be replaced preventing the processing of samples.  There has been too much ran to conduct this year’s sampling. This will be review and a new plan for testing will be presented.

Audit Vendor:  The Board decided to have Grimstad & Associates perform a review rather than a full audit and authorized a three-year contract for their audit services.

Internship Request:  The District has been asked if they could provide a non-paid college internship for a local student currently finishing a degree in Environmental Science at Oregon State University. It was suggested that this internship be designed to do some desktop research into alternative forms of vegetation management.  After some discussion the board authorized the internship.

Non-Agenda Items:The Lake Manager brought up news that a parcel on Logan Rd is slated to be logged. He asked the board for permission to intervene. The board advised that he could contact the owner but only to offer the resources of the District.

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