March DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting was on Thursday March 1st at 6:00pm and was held in the City Hall Council Chambers located on the third floor of City Hall.

Public Comment: There were 6 interested parties in attendance. Comments were made to the Board related to various concerns pertaining to District expense, including printing and educational activities. The commenter also expressed at staffing levels and board oversight of DLWID staff.

Septic Ordinance: A brief explanation was given to the board on the meeting recently hosted by DLWID with representatives from the City, DEQ, Lincoln County and private onsite wastewater management installers, pumpers and inspectors.  A discussion of the inspection criteria occurred; both the order of selection of properties to be inspected and the type of activities that occur during the inspection. It was suggested that proprieties within 300 feet of existing sewer should be first on the list to help minimize concerns related the sewer LID, (see below).

Save Our Shoreline: We learned about some of the details of the Lakescaping class the District is sponsoring during the week of spring break on Saturday March 31st.  The board suggested that the class should be held in Counsel chambers so it could air on channel 4.

Vegetation Management: The District received a report by email from Joe Eilers of Max Depth Aquatics their consultant assisting in their efforts to appeal the grass carp decision.  The contents of the email was not revealed. The staff report indicated that he had attended a meeting with ODFW staff, and meet with Paul Robertson followed by several additional contacts with ODFW staff.  He has acquired and reviewed several pieces of literature related to grass carp.  The Lake Manager added a few comments on his activities related to the program.  The consultant has suggested a nutrient budget for Devils Lake be created to allow the District predict the impacts of various mitigating projects.  Four options were given;  a Stella model  for $15,000 which is pretty basic, a SWAT model for $46,000, the Cadallic model level which could exceed $120,000, or the potential of the Districtbuying equipment to create the model internal.  The information was presented for future consideration.

Sewer: The District has sent a letter to the City of Lincoln City requesting they wave their requirement for a mandatory connection timeframe.  Many homeowners in the LID were more interested in the paving portion and thought they could delay hookup as they may have recently installed or repaired their septic system. A new issue has surfaced which is an expression of concern by the City of Lincoln City that they will not receive a timely return on their investment.  This has manifest itself in a discussion between the City and LID homeowners over the level and timing do the system development charges as well as other maters.

Erosion Study: The District has received a second iteration of the erosion report and returned it with additional comments to Tetra Tech. The District didn’t feel there was ample time to review a third iteration ahead of the meeting. Therefore the board took no action on the erosion study in this meeting.

Communications: The board approved a new opportunity to provide a community education class through the Oregon Coast Community College for Spring 2012 has presented itself. This would be a one-time, 3 hour course on the Water Quality Monitoring programs of the District entitled, Understanding Water Quality – Be Part Of The Solution. The District now maintains a website, email list serve, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and has begun to use QR codes on printed material to make it easier to subscribe. The board approved a second printing of the popular Shoreline Planting Guide.

Budget: With the appointment of Budget Committee at this meeting the board began the 2012/2013 budget process.  The process is posted on the DLWID website but should result in the committee meeting being held on May 11th and a final budget approved by June 7th.

Board Meeting Date Change:  The board decided to move the May board meeting to the second Thursday which is May 10th.

Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting: Recently the District has had discussions related to a potential vegetation management tool called Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting that suck weeds from the bottom of the lake. One aspect of this method that might provide significant benefit is the adaptability of the machines to be used for Harmful Algal Bloom clean up. Blue-green algae could be vacuumed off the top of the lake in an effort to minimize the public’s exposure. Findings from initial investigations on this equipment were discussed and the board asked staff to continue research and report back.

Total Maximum Daily Loads: The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has begun the planning process for developing Total Maximum Daily Loads for waterbodies in the Oregon Mid-Coast Basin. The initiation of this process has been a long-time coming. Devils Lake was originally listed based on data collected between 1986-1991 under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act for Chlorophyll and pH and Thompson Creek was listed for fecal coliforms. Over the coming 18 to 20 months, the DEQ will be developing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), for these waters. Paul Robertson, Lake Manager, has been invited to represent “special districts” in general and as the primary DLWID representative, as well as general coastal lakes water quality issues. The Salmon-Drift Watershed Council has also been offered a position and their geographic area encompasses the Devils Lake watershed. 

Lake Steward Award: The Lake Steward Award is presented each year at the Community Days Banquet. This is the 7th  year. The District put out a request during the middle of the month through Facebook and directly through email for nominations by March 1st.  The board discussed the nominees and considered who should be this year ‘s recipient. The 2012 Lake Steward Award was given to Don Sell owner/operator of the Lake House a lakeside bed and breakfast and long time participant and leader of the Preservation Association of Devils Lake (PADL).

Intern Summer 2012: Staff suggested that it was time start advertising for a summer internship and was seeking board approval for a paid position. Objectives of the internship would be to help with the water quality monitoring as well as do outreach, such as planning for the Devils Lake Revival. Other assignments for the intern include additional data archiving, scanning and processing the Minutes and other important documents that only exist in paper form currently.  The board approved advertising for the summertime position

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