Three Candidates File for Cowan Seat

Deadline for 2012 Election Passes

Late breaking update to this article candidate Dann Cutter has withdrawn from this contest.

The deadline for filing as a candidate for office in Oregon passed on March 6th, revealing three candidates for House District 10; 1 Democrat and 2 Republicans. 

Earlier this year, State Rep. Jean Cowan had announced she will not seek re-election as the representative for House District 10 but will serve out the remainder of her current term, which expires in January 2013.  Oregon’s primary election will be held May 15, 2012 narrowing the field to two candidates competing in the November 2012 general election.  Here is a thumbnail presented in alphabetical order, of each candidate taken from the paperwork filed with the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division.

Dann Cutter – Republican Party

Mr. Cutter is currently a resident of Waldport, OR.  He is a Network Analyst at the Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport where he has been employed for 15 years.  Previous positions included an Electronic Technician (Nuclear) in the United States Navy and a Assistant Network Administrator at the University of Oregon.

Mr. Cutter earned a School a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Oregon State University where he also earned a second Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.  He also did Post Baccalaureate studies in Economics.

Prior governmental experience includes his current position on the Waldport City Council, as well as position on the Executive Board of the Cascade West Council of Governments, the Rural Health Coordinating Council, the Cascades West Area Commission on Transportation, and the Waldport Planning Commission.

See also article in The Yaquina Wavelength and News Lincoln County.  The candidate’s website is

Jerome Donald Grant – Republican Party

Mr. Grant is currently a resident of Siletz, Oregon.  He is the owner/operator of Gracie’s Sea Hag Restaurant & Lounge in Depoe Bay.  Previous positions included a Commercial Diver and Fisherman, and owner/operator of Oregon Coast Computer.

Mr. Grant earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Economics from Western Oregon University.

Prior governmental experience includes Chair of the Oregon Sea Urchin Commodities Commission as well as a position on the Oregon Development Fisheries Board.  Previously ran for Lincoln County Council in 2010.

The candidate’s website is

David Gomberg – Democratic Party

Mr. Gomberg is currently a resident of Otis, Oregon.  He is the owner and President of Gomberg Kite Productions, Int’l Inc and Northwest Winds Kite Stores in Lincoln City.  Previous positions included Executive Director of the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Gomberg earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Oregon State University. He earned a Master’s degree in Political Science, Economics & History from Oregon State University. He continued at Willamette University where he earned his MBA.

Prior governmental experience includes Field Director for Congressman Les AuCoin, Legislative Assistant to Barbara Roberts, Administrator of House Education Committee, and Administrative Law Judge for DMV.

See also article in The News Guard, The Yaquina Wavelength and News Lincoln County. The candidate’s website is

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