Vote For Two Positions on the DLWID Board

Lincoln County Special Election May 21, 2013

The Voters’ Pamphlet for this election is now available to provide additional information on candidates and measures and can be found at this link.

Devils Lake Water Improvement District, Positions 4 and 5 are currently held by Brian Green and David Skirvin have received two challengers Mark Christie and former DLWID board member Jack Strayer.  Follow are excerpts from the Voters Pamphlet for each candidate.  We have included links to candidates websites.  This is an important election ans we encourage to participate.

Position #4

Mark Christie


“Devils Lake is a rare gem that serves many of this District’s patrons in a wide variety of ways. My top priority will continue to be water quality that will improve the environment for fish, wildlife and the many people who enjoy the lake. Improved, safe, public access and use of our lake will foster a healthy economic climate for North Lincoln County”

 Brian Green


“I support the management tools we have listed in the Devil’s Lake Plan, including careful re-planting of carp, septic inspections, sewers, public communication and outreach; and shoreline, wetland, and wildlife protection. My positions on lake issues are clearly reflected in the Devil’s Lake Plan. Again, see”

Position #5

David Skirvin


“I support the goals of establishing Local Sewer Districts and having a septic tank inspection program enacted to ensure the systems around the lake are working properly. DLWID has determined one third of all systems in the watershed have no records of installation or service and are beyond their normal lifespan.”


Jack Strayer


“As a DLWID Director I will work to maintain  maximum lake height during the summer, reducing the blue-green algae, helping the young salmon, protecting the kids and pets, rescuing the wetlands and restoring a blue lake for all to enjoy.”

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