Please Share Your Thoughts


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2 responses to “Please Share Your Thoughts

  1. Pamm davis

    I cannot believe anyone would want to see the lake like this !!!! People and their pets lives are in danger . I am ready for that lawsuit. Anybody else ???? We would like to use the lake ,that is why we bought here ,,,

  2. Marni

    When we came from Portland as a family to swim on a couple different occasions (like we do most every year), we were shocked to see so much algae. I know certain algae can be bad for you, so I’m glad I didn’t just let my young kids jump in. I don’t know why there weren’t any warning signs up… I also noticed that NOBODY was on the lake… it was a nice day out so that seemed weird to me.

    Hope someone figures out why the lake was like that, it would be a shame not to have that recreation in future years.

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