The DLNA Government Affairs Team

Voter Registration

badge_button_your_vote_counts_400_clr-300x300Voter Registration is one of DLNA’s largest and most important campaigns of the year.  The purpose this campaign is to register as many home owners around the lake as possible so that when we lobby the Devils Lake Water Improvement District our State and Federal legislators we can use those numbers and statistics to make an impact, especially on issues that involve life around the lake.  The DLNA also recognizes the importance of having an active and educated voting body in upcoming local elections to ensure that the best interests of the neighborhood prevail.  We will not formally be involved in elections but feel strongly that all residents both full time and part time should participate. The DLNA Government Affairs Team, along with all interested residents, make efforts to lobby Local representative, as well as State and Federal legislators on issues that affect our neighborhood, especially those that deal with Devils Lake.

We recently contacted the Lincoln County Elections Office and expressed that many of our membership expressed as desire to change their voter’s registration to Lincoln County so they too can have a voting voice for who represents them on the DLWID Board of Directors, County Commission, City Council as well as State, and Federal offices. We asked them to provide us an easy step by step process for residents to change their voters registration if they so desire.  The Counties answer is as follows.


Lincoln County Elections Office

Lincoln County Elections Office
225 West Olive Street, Room 201
Newport, OR  97365-3869
(541) 265-4131

How to Registration to Vote or Change your Registration

If you have a residence in Lincoln County where your spend part of your time, you can change your registration to the Lincoln County address.  At that point you will not be registered to vote at your previous address. Your can either fill out a new voter registration card (available at city halls and post offices) and mail it to the County Elections Office or update your registration on-line at: .The on-line registration does require that they have an Oregon Driver’s License.

If you have any additional questions regarding voter registration please don’t hesitate to contact DNLA. Thank you and happy voting!


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3 responses to “The DLNA Government Affairs Team

  1. Les Davis

    We have registered to vote in lincoln county. Who best represents the views of this organization in thee current election?
    Les Davis

  2. Tom Rice

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the people who spent the time, donated the funds, and worked so hard regarding the election of Tina French, Kent Norris, and Bill Sexton to the DLWID Board of Directors. This is indeed a red letter day for the DLNA and for the healthy future of Devils Lake. A job well done by everyone. Thank you!!!!

  3. Les Davis

    Congratulations Bill, Kent and Tina! Job well done! What a way to make a statement and show that if you really stand up for what’s fair and honest, and work hard, you can prevail. I still have that $400.00 bottle of Fireball that I bought at the fund raiser auction to support you guys. It’s going to taste like a million dollars now! Let’s enjoy it at the celebration event! I now feel like there is hope for Devils Lake and all that care so much about it. Don’t ever under estimate good folks with a great cause to get the job done. Special thanks to Mitchell and Dana for pulling us together and making this happen. We appreciate it!
    Congratulations all.

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