Letter to our Neighbors

Recently all property owners within the boundaries of the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association received a letter from the Association Board of Directors.  The letter was an introduction to the newly formed association. In the letter we made two requests of our neighbors: attend our upcoming General Meeting, and complete the Membership Declaration  form.  Our goal is to represent your interests therefore we need to hear from you by attending our meetings, or by email or even a good old fashion telephone call.  We are also asking that you complete the Membership Declaration form which will allow us to count you as a member of the Association.  Please complete the form even if you are on our email list, if you put your name on the sign up sheet at one of our meeting or if you otherwise feel you are a member.  Mail, scan and email, hand deliver the completed forms, whatever works or you!

The letter read as follows:

Dear Devils Lake Resident:

I am writing you today as a neighbor who like you have settled around the perimeters of our beautiful Devils Lake.  Our neighborhood is a unique treasure and I wanted to share with you that a group of residents have formed a new Oregon 501(c)3 non-profit corporation to give voice to the residents that live here. The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA) was incorporated February 14, 2014 and will serve as a voice for the community surrounding Devils Lake. The non-profit DLNA is open to all residents and businesses within its boundaries which are generally defined as all properties bounded by East and West Devils Lake Roads and Highway 101 on each end.  There is a map of the DLNA boundary which you can reference located at dlakeoregon.wordpress.com/maps/.

Our next general meeting is scheduled for Sunday, September 28, 2014, 3:00 PM, at Faith Baptist Church, 5750 N Hwy 101. All homeowners, renters, and businesses in the area are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more about the DLNA, register for regular updates, establish our agenda for 2015, and get involved.  You are also invited to visit our fund raising garage sale September 27th and 28th from 9am until 2pm located at 2941 NE Loop Drive.  All proceeds will be donated to support the activities of the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association.

The initial Board of Directors was established in the non-profits formative meeting including Joe Barnes (President), Nathan Knott (Vice President), Mitchell Moore (Secretary / Treasurer), Tina French (Director) and Mark Christie (Director).  The primary purpose of the DLNA is to promote communication and education within the neighborhood relating to environmental, social and economic issues which may have an impact upon the life and character of the community. The DLNA will assist its members by providing reasoned input to the City Council, County Commission and associated committees, as well as Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID).  With our support residents will take more initiative in preserving the integrity and quality of the neighborhood as the DLNA plans, implements, and maintains projects in the Devils Lake neighborhood.

In our short history we have had some measurable success working on current neighborhood issues.  The Association has spent a considerable amount of time communicating with residents of the neighborhood. As expected there are several key issues important to the neighborhood.  Interest in one issue far surpassed all others, that issue is lake level and the poor condition of the lake over the past two summers. Therefore at the request of its members, the first official action of the DLNA was to ask that the Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board resolve to exercise the maximum impoundment right of 9.53’ beginning April 15th through October 15th.  With the support of our members who attended countless meetings we did receive a small concession from the water district that resulted in higher lake levels and cleaner water during July.  It’s a start and we’ll stay on it because you have told us it’s important to you.  We represent you, our neighbors.

The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association bylaws allow for all residents within its boundaries to be members.  The DLNA Board encourages all residents to become active members of the Association, a vital step in keeping our neighborhood strong and viable.  Simply complete the attached membership declaration so we may legitimately represent that you consider yourself affiliated with our organization.  The DLNA does not require its members pay dues but we happily accept donations to support our activities.  You can donate online at dlakeoregon.com or include your gift with a completed membership declaration.

Fortunately we do not intend to focus all of our attention on serious matters; we intend to inject a little fun into the mix as well. The social aspects of the neighborhood will be addressed by organizing block parties, activities, festivals and special events such as this year’s July 5th spectacular including a professionally produced fireworks display and boat parade. “The DLNA will strengthen our community by organizing and engaging residents and businesses to address community wide challenges and be better able to deal with new challenges as they arise” says DLNA President Joe Barnes.

We exist because the residents of the Devils Lake Neighborhood believe that local governments including special districts work best when community members and government work as partners. Effective public involvement is essential to achieve and sustain this partnership and the civic health of our community. This ensures better decisions that more effectively respond to the needs and priorities of the community.  The existence of a Neighborhood Association engages community members and community resources as part of the solution. Neighborhood Association’s are beneficial as they engage the broader diversity of the community, especially people who have not been engaged in the past. In the long term, increased citizen involvement will be beneficial to the decision makers as it increases public understanding of and support for public policies and programs while increasing the legitimacy and accountability of their actions.


Mitchell Moore
Devils Lake Neighborhood Association
(503) 381-4818
[email protected]


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