Aquatic Weed Battle Continues

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) is continuing its relentless efforts to maintain the pristine beauty of Devils Lake. The district's harvester has been working tirelessly throughout the season, albeit with a brief hiatus in August for repairs.

As we approach the next phase of the elodea life cycle, it's important to understand the natural behavior of the plant. During this phase, large chunks of elodea plants will detach from the lake's bottom and begin to float around the water. This is entirely normal for these weeds and represents their primary method of reproduction. These floating patches contain specialized cells that will eventually sink in new locations and provide the seed crop for next year's growth.

The DLWID is well aware of the importance of managing this phase of the elodea plant life cycle. Their harvester will attempt to remove as much of this floating vegetation as possible to set the stage for a smoother operation in the next season, ensuring the lake continues to be open to navigation and remains a place for everyone to enjoy.

Residents on the windward side of the lake may find this time of year frustrating as the floating weeds are pushed along to their shoreline. It's essential to note that this increase in vegetation is not a result of harvesting but a natural part of the plant cycle.

Another factor to consider is the impending rainy season. As the lake starts to fill, the aquatic plants will begin to sink. Once the plants go below the six-foot mark, the operational range of the harvester, the harvesting operation will conclude for the season.

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District anticipates sharing final statistics on their harvesting operation in the October board meeting.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the harvester team. They're working tirelessly to keep Devils Lake beautiful for all to enjoy. If you see them on the lake, don't forget to wave and give them a big smile!

Holiday Weekend Reminder 2023

We're excited, it's a double whammy weekend that kick's off the month of July.  We begin with our eighth annual fireworks extravaganza on July 3rd,  before the show is our boat parade in the afternoon. Two for the price of one so don't miss out.  And yes we are still collecting money for the 2023 fireworks, we have made it half way.  Thanks to all who have offered up their support.  If you haven't donated follow this link to join in and ensure we can continue this great tradition.  

Boat Parade: Monday July 03, 2023 at 04:00 PM

Fireworks Show : Monday July 03, 2023 at 09:30 PM (or Dusk)



Aquatic Weed Removal Continues

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) is taking steps to remove aquatic weeds from Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon. The district has leased a mechanical harvester that will run for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for the next three months.

The harvester will be targeting several species of aquatic weeds, including elodea, vallisneria, and eurasian watermilfoil. These weeds can form dense mats that can block boat traffic, impair water quality, and harm fish and wildlife.

Harvesting is a major part of the overall current plan to control aquatic weeds in Devils Lake. Additionally, the district recently placed 5,000 sterile grass carp in the lake. Grass carp are an invasive species that have been used successfully to control aquatic weeds in Devils Lake for the past thirty years.

DLWID is confident that these measures will help to reduce the abundance of aquatic weeds in Devils Lake. The district is committed to maintaining the lake's water quality and protecting its natural resources for future generations.

Harvesting is a major part of DLWID's comprehensive plan to restore Devils Lake's ecosystem. The mechanical harvester plays a crucial role in the removal of aquatic weeds. This method involves the use of specialized machinery designed to cut and collect the invasive plants, facilitating their removal from the lake.  The harvester has been operating on the lake over the past month.

Let’s dive into some of the strategies and goals associated with aquatic weed removal using a mechanical harvester at Devils Lake.

1. Increased Waterway Accessibility:

By deploying a mechanical harvester, DLWID aims to improve waterway accessibility for various stakeholders. The removal of excessive aquatic weeds enhances boating and fishing experiences, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the lake's recreational offerings to the fullest.

2. Ecosystem Restoration:

Mechanical harvesting aids in the restoration of the natural balance within Devils Lake's ecosystem. By selectively removing invasive aquatic plants, the harvester helps mitigate the negative impacts caused by their overgrowth. This restoration process encourages the reestablishment of native aquatic vegetation, providing habitat and food sources for fish and other wildlife.

3. Nutrient Management:

Aquatic weeds often thrive in nutrient-rich environments. The mechanical harvester helps manage excess nutrients present in the lake by removing the invasive plants which decompose and contribute to the overall nutrient load. By reducing the available nutrients, the harvester curtails the growth of unwanted vegetation, promoting healthier conditions for native species to thrive.

4. Prevention of Harmful Algal Blooms:

The volume of aquatic weeds in a waterbody must be kept in balance playing a key role in the development of harmful algal blooms (HABs). These HABs can release toxins, negatively affecting water quality and endangering aquatic life. Mechanical harvesting plays a vital role in breaking the lifecycle of HABs by removing the aquatic weeds with the goal of creating a balanced ecosystem.

DLWID is confident that these measures will help to reduce the abundance of aquatic weeds in Devils Lake. The district has been at this for over thirty years and is committed to maintaining the lake's water quality and protecting its natural resources for future generations.  We can't imagine what a harvester might look like on the lake in another thirty years so we asked our computer who came up with the image featured in this article.

Boat Slips Rentals Now Available

We're excited to announce the reopening of Blue Heron Landing for boat slip rentals by the Devils Lake Water Improvement District. This is a fantastic opportunity for both local residents and out-of-town visitors to enjoy the beauty of Devils Lake.

Choose from weekly, monthly, or annual rental rates to suit your needs. Whether you're planning a quick getaway or an extended stay, they have the perfect boat slip rental option for you.

For more information and to secure your boat slip rental, please contact Boone Marker, our Lake Manager, at [email protected] or call 541-994-7873. Boone will be happy to assist you with availability, rates, and any other inquiries you may have.

Don't miss out on this limited reopening of Blue Heron Landing for boat slip rentals on Devils Lake. Fuel will not be available at the Landing this season.  Keep an eye out for more information about the District’s plans for the Blue Heron Landing in the future.

Donate A Carp Update

Thank You for Supporting the Grass Carp Program

We are so grateful to the community for their generous support of the grass carp program. Thanks to your donations, to date we have been able to help DLWID purchase 263 of the 5,000 grass carp which have been placed in Devils Lake. These fish are an important part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the lake, as they help control the growth of invasive plants.

We are especially grateful to the 70 donors who have named their own grass carp. These names reflect the diversity and creativity of our community, and we are proud to have them represented in our lake.

Your donations are making a real difference in the health of Devils Lake. We are proud to be a part of such a caring and supportive community.

Thank you again for your support. If you want to donate a carp follow this link, don't forget to name your fish! 

Carp Released (Video)

DLWID Selects New District Manager

Devils Lake Water Improvement District is thrilled to announce the appointment of Boone Marker as their new District Manager. With an impressive background in community development and a passion for water resource management, Marker brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the role.

Marker's career is defined by a goal-oriented approach, complemented by exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. His proven ability to think critically and strategically, coupled with a strong work ethic, has consistently delivered successful outcomes in both team and individual settings. With a focus on program development, planning, and execution, Marker's strengths align perfectly with the objectives of Devils Lake Water Improvement District.

Having served as a Recreation Supervisor for the City of Lincoln City Parks & Recreation, Marker possesses extensive experience in overseeing various programs and activities. This includes budgeting, staff scheduling, grant writing, program development, and social media marketing. His expertise in website design and special events coordination will be invaluable assets in enhancing community engagement and promoting the district's initiatives effectively.

Marker's dedication to fostering athletic excellence is evident from his previous role as an Athletic Director at the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion, & Polk Counties. Managing youth sports programs for grades K-12, including basketball, flag football, tackle football, and volleyball, they successfully collaborated with city officials and school districts to secure public spaces for activities. Collaborating with the Salem-Keizer School District and community partners, Marker successfully implemented initiatives that supported the growth and well-being of youth. His exceptional leadership skills and dedication to safety will ensure that the Devils Lake Water Improvement District maintains the highest standards of service and care.

Marker's educational achievements include a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Oregon University, and an Associates of Arts Transfer Degree from Chemeketa Community College. These academic credentials, combined with his practical experience, equip him with a well-rounded skill set to address the complex challenges of water resource management effectively.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Marker is deeply committed to community service. Currently serving on the Board of Directors for Family Promise of Lincoln County and having held the position of President for the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln City, his involvement highlights his dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Additionally, Marker's current CPR/First Aid certification underscores his commitment to safety and well-being.

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District is confident that Boone Marker's appointment as District Manager will lead to new levels of success and progress in managing and preserving the lake and its surrounding community. Marker's appointment is a significant step forward in the district's mission to protect Devils Lake for future generations.

Lake Get Together Reminder

Just a quick reminder, you are cordially invited to a Memorial Day Weekend party hosted by Monica and Josh Spady. 

Join us as Pelican Brewery pours some of their finest beer, while Bauman's Cider tantalize your taste buds with their delicious cider. Hot Dogs, Chips and Dip will be offered while you visit with your neighbors.  The party will be held on the DLNA fireworks barge, so you can come by land or by sea!

Neighborhood Get Together and Fundraiser
3450 NE 26th St
Sunday May 28, 2023
11:00am to 3:00pm

In addition to enjoying the festivities, we will also be seeking donations through DLNA to support the annual fireworks display and DLWID Weed Harvesting. You will also have the opportunity to purchase and name one of the 5,000 grass carp coming to Devils Lake.  All you need to bring to make a donation is your mobile device. We will have QR codes to scan that will make the process easy, easy, easy.  An extra bonus we'll be giving away DLNA yard signs and stickers while they last. So don't miss out!


Carp Arrive Soon

Five-thousand sterile grass carp will arrive at Devils Lake on June 7, 2023, from KEO Fish Farm in Keo, Arkansas. The fish are being delivered to the Devils Lake Water Improvement District to help control aquatic vegetation. The distance between Keo, Arkansas and Lincoln City is approximately 1,200 miles which will take two days to transit. The fish will be transported by truck and will arrive at Devils Lake in a climate-controlled trailer. The fish will be released into Devils Lake at the Blue Heron Landing shortly after their arrival. This placement of sterile grass carp is a major step forward in DLWID's efforts to control aquatic vegetation.

Donation Trifecta

This year there are three ways to join the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association in supporting the lake! 

One of our most cherished events is the annual fireworks show, which brings together our community and showcases the natural beauty of our lake. We rely on the generosity of donors like you to help us continue this beloved tradition. Your donation will go towards funding the cost of the fireworks, as well as ensuring the safety and security of our guests during the event.

Another important aspect of our work is the operation of our weed harvester. This essential tool helps us keep our lake clean and healthy by removing unwanted weeds and debris. Your donation will go towards the maintenance and operation of our weed harvester, which is essential for the long-term health of Devils Lake.

Lastly, we are also seeking donations towards the purchase of a grass carp. These fish are an important part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the lake, as they help control the growth of invasive plants. Your donation towards the purchase of a grass carp will have a direct impact on the health of Devils Lake and its surrounding ecosystem.

Your contribution, no matter the amount, will help us continue our important work and ensure that Devils Lake remains a beautiful and thriving community. Thank you for considering a donation to the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association.

Donate Fireworks


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