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End of a long road?

Lincoln City approves ordinance to expedite annexation process

By: Terry Dillman
Newport News Times

Whether it marked the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end depended on one’s viewpoint at Monday night’s Lincoln City Council session.

With very little discussion, council members unanimously approved an ordinance that would require property owners outside the city limits but within the city’s Urban Growth Boundary to sign consents to annex as a condition of receiving ongoing city water service.

The low-key approach to the high-tension decision contrasted sharply with the measured session-opening protest from a group of about 20 property owners from the Roads End development. They showed up to speak against the ordinance in another chapter of a story dating back to at least 1978.

During the council’s July 26 session, when the ordinance was first introduced, City Manager David Hawker said Roads End topped the city’s list of sites for potential annexation, and outlined the reasons, including the cost of providing water and sewer service to Roads End, which has 715 of the 1,240 properties outside the city that receive those services.

Roads End residents took exception to many of Hawker’s assertions and offered rebuttals Monday night. Continue reading

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Roads End faces inclusion

City ordinance would expedite annexation process

Friday, Jul 30th, 2010
By: Terry Dillman
Newport News Times

A proposed ordinance introduced during Monday night’s regular session of the Lincoln City Council would enhance the city’s ability to annex areas outside city limits and within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) by requiring signed consents to annexation as a condition of continued water service.

The city supplies water service to most of its 6,078 accounts from three storage tanks via gravity feed. Booster pumps serve customers at a few higher elevations, including one for the Port Lane area of Roads End. The imminent failure of that aging booster pump station and the price tag to replace it prompted council members to find a way to expedite the annexation of Roads End district, located at the north end of the city.

“It’s been on our agenda for years,” City Manager David Hawker said. “It’s time to move forward.” Continue reading

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City paves way for expansion

Roads End tops list for annexation

The News Guard

A new law that could boost Lincoln City’s ability to annex adjacent areas, starting with Roads End, received a warm welcome from Lincoln City Council at its Monday, July 26 meeting.

The proposed ordinance would allow Council to designate any area outside its limits but within the urban growth boundary, or UGB, as an annexation target.

The area’s residents would then have 60 days to sign a consent to annex or risk having the City shut off their water supply. Continue reading

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