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Candidate Profile: Douglas Pirie

Director, Position 2, 4-year term ending June 30, 2015

The Mission of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District is to:

  • Improve and maintain water quality
  • Improve the environment for fish, wildlife and humans
  • Increase public access to Devils Lake
  • Reestablish safe and efficient navigation

I live on Devils Lake on the Lincoln County east side, and have a passion for using my kayaks and two Hobie Cat sailboats on a beautiful lake, free of weeds, algae and sewage. Continue reading

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May 17, 2011 Election

This year there are three Board position (numbers 1, 2 and 3) of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District that are up for election in this cycle. All terms are for four years. To be eligible, candidates must be property owners in the District. As of this writing three candidates have filed the paper work with the County, the deadline for candidates is March 17, 2011. The current slate of candidate are:

  • Director Position 1 – Jack Strayer
  • Director Position 2 – Douglas Pirie
  • Director Position 3 – Joe Barnes

The Navigator has requested statements from each of the candidates. We will run a post for each candidate as we receive them. Please see our candidate page to review all.

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Carp’e Diem

District Faces Challenges in Obtaining Carp Permit

Recently the Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its March board meeting in board and approved the Devils Lake Plan by a vote of 4-1.  As recently reported in the News Guard, article “Carp Still at Top of List”, a major component of the new Plan is the re-introduction of grass carp to Devils Lake.

In the process of developing the new Lake Plan the District solicited the comments of citizens and governmental agencies. In response to that request, Bruce McIntosh, Deputy Fish Division Administrator for Inland Fisheries of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife forward a letter to the District outlying ODFW’s position on the issue.  The letter states “Oregon Administrative Rules prohibit the stocking of grass carp into public waterbodies unless public access is restricted or access is controlled by irrigation districts or drainage districts.”  Continue reading

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Carp Still at Top of List

Lake board feels ravenous fish is the only cure for weed

Patrick Alexander
The News Guard

The body responsible for the health of Devils Lake has agreed to pursue the idea of adding more Chinese grass carp to tackle invasive weed despite opposition from some bass fishermen who say the ravenous creatures have ruined the lake’s fishery.

At their Feb. 24 meeting the board of directors of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) approved the first ever strategic plan for the lake, a document that sets out steps for improving water quality and promoting native species.

Grass carp are a central component of the plan, which credits them with saving the lake from a choking weed infestation in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The District stocked the lake with more than 32,000 sterile grass carp in three batches between 1986 and 1993, with the population going on to devour the weed that had put large sections of the lake off-limits to boating.

Now, Lake Manager Paul Robertson said, the carp are dying off and the weed is starting to make a comeback.

“The concern is without that vegetation management control in place, or access to it, then the weeds could get out of hand quite rapidly,” he said.

Through the Devils Lake Plan, the District has set its sights on persuading the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to waive rules that currently prohibit the use of grass carp in all but small, privately owned lakes. Continue reading

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March DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its March board meeting in the District offices on Thursday, March 3rd, 2010.  Several interested parties attended the meeting.

Executive Session of the Board: The Board of Directors held an Executive Session preceding their regularly scheduled meeting.

Public Comment: The Board acknowledged the receipt of written comments; members of the public in attendance also provided comments on several items.  Public comments included; an expression of concern regarding the potential purchase of the Union 50 Club as well as a few concerns on the contents of the Devils Lake Plan.

Save our Shorelines: This is a program to assist landowners in increasing the native vegetation on their shoreline as well as other best management practices for living on the water. The District has planned a workshop about shoreline planting and other best practices before the spring planting season begins for landscape professionals.

Devils Lake Plan: The board discussed the final version of the Devils Lake Plan and public feedback on the plan.  The issues that were of most interest were the Districts plan for the reintroduction of grass carp as there was not unanimous support for the project.  Additional concerns were expressed over the plans reliance on legislation change by advocating four new ordinances used to implement planned projects.  Finally, there were concerns expressed related to the use of water shut off in conjunction with the Septic Tank inspection program.  After consideration of these comments the board approved the Devils Lake Plan by a vote of 4-1.

Union 50: The DLWID board will continue to explore the possibility of buying the old Union 50 building for potential use for the offices of the District. The location would also contain the Center for Applied Freshwater Ecology, or CAFÉ. It was reported that discussions with the Oregon Coast Community College, would suggest that the District could own the building for just a little more than it is currently paying in rent.

Communications Report: Multiple updates to the website, Facebook and listserv sent.  Website updates include the posting of Board Resolution, Index of Resolutions, Ordinances and Policies.  This information is available at: Directors.html

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Attend March DLWID Meeting

Board Meets March 3, 2011 6:00pm

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting will be held in its offices above Radio Shack Thursday March 3rd at 6:00pm.  There is an Executive Session planned from 5:30 to 6:00 before the regular meeting.  The best way to stay informed is for all lake front homeowners and interested parties to attend these important meetings.

There are several topics of importance to lake residents on this month’s agenda.  These discussions include; a review of revisions to the Devils Lake Plan and potential adoption, plus the latest efforts in the Save Our Shoreline program including the Regatta Grounds demonstration project. This year’s Lake Steward will be selected and the board will determine if the District will have an intern this summer.

Please follow the links below to access the latest agenda, staff reports and meeting minutes:


Staff Reports


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Lake Group Sets Sights on Banned Fish

The News Guard

Chinese grass carp seen as vital in fight against weed

The group charged with improving the quality of water in Devils Lake is hoping to persuade the state that it needs more weed-eating Chinese grass carp to prevent the lake becoming choked with invasive species like it was in the late 1980s.

“You would think that would be pretty simple,” Lake Manager Paul Robertson said, “if grass carp were not illegal.”

The addition of more grass carp is a central strategy in the Devils Lake Water Improvement District’s newly updated Devils Lake Plan, which credits the ravenous creatures with saving the lake from weed in the late ‘80s and boosting lakefront property values in the process. Continue reading

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