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The DLNA Government Affairs Team

Voter Registration

badge_button_your_vote_counts_400_clr-300x300Voter Registration is one of DLNA’s largest and most important campaigns of the year.  The purpose this campaign is to register as many home owners around the lake as possible so that when we lobby the Devils Lake Water Improvement District our State and Federal legislators we can use those numbers and statistics to make an impact, especially on issues that involve life around the lake.  The DLNA also recognizes the importance of having an active and educated voting body in upcoming local elections to ensure that the best interests of the neighborhood prevail.  We will not formally be involved in elections but feel strongly that all residents both full time and part time should participate. The DLNA Government Affairs Team, along with all interested residents, make efforts to lobby Local representative, as well as State and Federal legislators on issues that affect our neighborhood, especially those that deal with Devils Lake. Continue reading


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Please Share Your Thoughts


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Help Protect Your Lake

Break the Pollutant Cycle!

Be Informed Shoppers

• Break the pollutant cycle by starting at the source. Make pollutant reduction a priority when you shop.

• Look for personal care and cleaning products that are fragrance free, biodegradable, and made from natural ingredients.

• Watch out for labels with “caution” “warning” or “danger.”

• Buy only what you need and will use up. Share excess products with friends, neighbors and others.

• Purchasing safer alternatives can reduce the amount of toxics you come into contact with, reduce the demand for chemicals that may harm humans or the environment, and reduces the household hazardous waste you need to dispose of later. Continue reading

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DLWID Election Results

May 17, 2011 Special Election

The following election results are for the May 17 Special Election in Lincoln County, Oregon. These results were posted at approximately 8:00 p.m. on May 17. The elections office states result will be updated throughout the night until all of the votes have been counted.  With 91% of the 10,847 votes counted and 13% of those votes counted in the DLWID we forecast approximately 126 uncounted in District ballots, which should not change the results posted below. (Final Count Update posted 12:57am 5/18/11 with 12,059 or 99.99% counted, are now reflected in the results shown below.)

Devils Lake Water Improvement District, Position 1
Jack Strayer 560
Noel Walker * 847
Devils Lake Water Improvement District, Position 2
Douglas Pirie 579
Randy Weldon * 799
Devils Lake Water Improvement District, Position 3
Joe Barnes 577
Kip Ward * 856

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May 17 Special Election

What follows is an article as it appeared in the Newport News-Times on May 11, 2011 containing interviews with three of the DLWID candidates.  You will find the responses from candidates Joe Banes, Kip Ward and Jack Strayer below. New-Times Editor’s note: The same questions and request for information were emailed to all six candidates. Douglas Pirie, Randy Weldon, and Noel Walker but they did not respond. Continue reading

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Tsunami Warning issued For Oregon Coast

The Oregonian

Damaging waves could hit between 7 a.m. and 7:30, the National Weather Service says. Scientists hadn’t determined yet the size of the wave.

The timing of when the wave may hit ranges from 7:15 a.m. at Charleston to 7:24 a.m. at Seaside.

A tsunami advisory is in effect for the coast of Washington. That is a step below a warning and means spot damage is possible in harbors and estuaries along beaches.

A tsunami warning also is in effect for California north of Point Conception to the Washington border. An advisory is in effect south of Point Conception.

“Stay away from the beach,”  said Bill Steele, a University of Washington seismologist with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. “Be smart about it. The water has a lot of power. Pay attention to your local emergency managers.”

The wave is expected after the  8.9-magnitude earthquake off northeastern Japan.

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Merry Christmas

From all of us at the Devils Lake Navigator

Click image for expanded holiday message.

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