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Comments Made to Map Page

Recently a few comments were made on the Maps page. It was not our intent to allow comments on pages other than the Report your Findings page. Our mistake for leaving that feature on. So as not to lose the comments we have converted them to this post. I the future comments will be limited to posts.

  1. April 23, 2009 at 7:54 am eClearly, there is a problem with Devil’s Lake, it is very apparent by the placement photograph. It should also be noted that the stakeholders of this site are correct in their interpretation that the Solarbee product is clearly not the right product for the correction of the lake’s natural problem. But there is a proven, reasonable and far less costly resolution to this problem.

    I would appreciate someone contacting me so that I might offer a resolution to the Devil’s Lake blue green algae situation. I have no interest in adding to the attached negative comment on Solarbee, although it is rightly deserved.

    Again, there is a problem, the existing proposed resolution is clearly not the answer, but there is a much more reasonable resolution to addressing the immediate problem. Please contact me.

    Jim Dartez
    Reliant Water Technologies

  2. Joseph M Horton Says:

    April 24, 2009 at 6:01 pm ehttp://GreshamOutlook/InvestmentapprovedbyMetroforBlueLakequality
    -Chlorophyll a
    -Kjeldahl nitrogen
    -Eurasian Watermilfoil
    -Cyanobacterial blooms
    All of the above had significant decreased values on Blue Lake. Water clarity increased greatly (by 4 times). Why would a company advertise that Solar Bees do not work on a blog like this and then solicite their business? I will pass a copy of this site on.

  3. April 28, 2009 at 8:26 am eMr Dartez acknowledged that there is a problem with Devils Lake (we agree!), but made two points that I would like to address. First, he indicated that he has no interest in “adding to the attached negative comment on Solarbee”, but then continues to write “it is rightly deserved”. Sounds like he just added to the negative comments. In response, I would like to mention to the readers that SolarBee has now eclipsed the 300-lake benchmark that we are presently treating. No other lake-treatment solution comes close. We acknowledge that our record in successfully treating bloom-green algal blooms is not perfect, but it does exceed the 95% rate and when I went to school that always earned an “A” grade. As an aside, the cases where SolarBees were perceived by some not to be successful were often partial-lake tests that SolarBee, Inc. conducted at no cost to our clients.
    What is “rightly deserved” is the recent acclaim SolarBee, Inc. received by the Artemis Project which just listed SolarBee as one of the top water companies in a world-wide competition of innovators who are making significant contributions to water quality.

    Second, a little truth in advertising would be appreciated. Mr. Dartez is a representative for Reliant Water Technologies. His firm sells products that compete with SolarBee. I have no problem with competition – it makes us all better at what we do. However, it is appropriate that when your primary motivation is to sell a product you state this. Otherwise, the comments appear a bit disingenuous.

    Somehow lost in website exchange is that the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) conducted a two-year search and analysis of methods to deal with the cyanobacteria problems at their lake. They reviewed biological, chemical, and non-chemical approaches to deal with the problem. They reviewed product performance, cost, service, and scientific support. At the end of this exhaustive search, they concluded that SolarBee circulators provided the best solution for their lake. To my knowledge, no competitor has provided a factual basis for challenging the DLWID Board decision.

    SolarBee, Inc. continues to make important progress in better understanding the positive effects of circulation technology in controlling harmful algal blooms. We welcome an open dialogue on solutions for lake water quality and recognize that circulation does not address all problems in lakes. However, if we can keep these discussions factually-based and free of veiled attacks, it will better serve our shared goal of improving and protecting water quality.

    Joe Eilers
    NW Regional Manager
    SolarBee, Inc.

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