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So Many Ways To Stay Informed

At we embrace the latest trends in communication in an attempt to keep you posted as timely as possible.  One innovation was put to work at the last DLWID board meeting, we utilized a mobile app to post the April board meeting report.  This meant that at the moment that the chair gaveled the meeting adjourned we had publish our report to you.  That’s up to the minute!

There are several other innovations that we now offer to help you stay in touch.  They are;


We have been providing regular updates to our followers by using Twitter located at  It is free and easy to sign up for a twitter account and it is a worry free way receive updates in real time, that is within minutes of when news breaks.  Follow this link to follow nosolarbees on

RSS Feeds

Do you prefer to use a feed reader, perhaps on your iGoogle page or smart phone?  RSS feeds are another way to be informed immediately the moment a new article posts on the nosolarbees site.  We can provide you with two options the WordPress RSS Feed and an optimized FeedBurner RSS Feed.  Just follow the links to sign up.


Feel more comfortable with email?  That’s OK, we have options for you as well.  Our first option will keep you the most current; you may now sign up to receive each new article by email. Each morning a new article is published you will receive a message. This new service will allow you to keep current with minimum effort! Click to subscribe to No SolarBees by Email

Want your lake news summarized?  We publish a email newsletter that is designed to focus on current issues concerning the lake. Please sign up for our email newsletter. We also maintain a archive of all previous email newsletters which are available online. Click for the Newsletter Archive

DLWID also maintains a email distribution list and we recommend that interested parties sign up for their emails as well.  You can sign up by visiting and following the quick link.

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No Solarbees Goes Mobile 2


We have recently added the capability of authoring a post on the go. With new software for an Android mobile phone we can update you on the fly. This is a great improvement over the previous mobile posting technique. The image in the post was taken on Loop Drive of a Advanced Treatment System. This ATS was installed in Neotsu last week to replace an undersized septic associated with a remodel.


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Straight Talk

The septic revitalization program has brought many issues to light.  Many opinions have been expressed on this and related topics.  We have been accused of spreading misconceptions; this is not our goal and when possible we try to set the record straight.  There is a vibrant discussion occurring between residents all around the lake.  Some statements that have been made may warrant further investigation.  Clearly, it is important that the most accurate information will be used to solve the issue.

We are trying a new segment on this website entitled “Straight Talk” which represents our best effort to clear up statements we may have made or those made by others that could result in misunderstandings.  These articles are genuine attempts to get the facts correct by thoroughly researching the issue.  Despite our best efforts, there still is a potential that additional information exists that could further clarify an issue. We remind the reader that this is a two way medium and encourage you to comment or email any additional information or corrections that may be required create a more accurate view of the topic.

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Straight Talk: Garbage Collection and Water Cutoff

One of the justifications suggested by some for using the discontinuance of water service on the septic program is the statement that the City already requires residents to have garbage collection service under threat of discontinuance of water service. It is important to note that the City has never suggested that the rules that pertain to garbage service apply to the proposed septic tank ordinance.

The City requires residents where they have jurisdiction over garbage service, that’s within the city limits to have a minimum level of garbage service.  They have used the threat of discontinuance of water service to enforce this rule.  The City has not imposed any rule requiring the collection of garbage on residents where they have no jurisdiction over garbage service, that’s outside the city limits. Continue reading

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No SolarBees Newsletter is Here…

No SolarBees has taken the next step in helping, the Lake Front resident of Devils Lake stay informed and up to date.  

We have employed the services of a popular email service to help us create and manage an occasional email newsletter to interested parties.  Follow this link or the link located in the sidebar in order to sign up or manage your preferences for this service.  We take your privacy seriously and will not share your email address.  You may opt out at anytime at the same link.

Previous newsletters are archived and available via the link in the Email Newsletter section in the sidebar. Please let your friends neighbors know about the availability of our newsletter and ask them to sign up to easily stay current. It is our hope that you will find this service informative and we look forward to serving you in the future.

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No SolarBees Signs To Be Retrieved

UPDATE:  Yard and lakeside signs were retrieved on July 27th.  All signs were cleaned, packed and stored for potential future use.  If you took your sign down prior to the collection date and want us to store if for you just drop it off in the driveway at 2941 NE Loop Drive and we’ll take care of the rest.

We wish to thank all those homeowners who permitted to place a yard sign on their property.  These signs were very effective in sending a clear message to the DLWID Board of Directors as well as getting the word out to our friends and neighbors.

D-Lake--Poster-Ver-9-SmGiven that DLWID has decided to “defer” proceeding with the placement of SolarBees® on the lake it seems prudent to collect these signs for reuse.  Since the wording in the resolution passed by the DLWID Board did not preclude future attempts to place SolarBees® on Devils Lake we would like save the signs for possible re-use.

Please do not throw your signs away.

Crews from will be coming by your property in the next two weeks to retrieve each sign.  We will dismantle, clean and store the sign for future use.  We will assume that your support today will translate into support in the future thereby granting us permission to return a sign to your property should the need arise.  If you do not wish to have a sign placed in your yard should it be required at some future date please send an email to [email protected] stating so.

Again thank you for your support and don’t forget to check http://www.nosolarbees.comfor the latest on Devils Lake.

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Other lake projects

From The News Guard
July 8, 2009

The district is working on several other projects aimed at tackling the excessive nutrients that fuel cyanobacteria outbreaks.

The board agreed to contract for the creation of a water quality database, using data from 1957 onward, so that the effectiveness of future habitat restoration projects can be effectively measured.

Robertson said the database would also lay the groundwork for an upcoming project from the Department of Environmental Quality to determine what level of nutrient inflow the lake can cope with per day and how that inflow can be reduced.

The database project makes use of a $15,000 grant from the DEQ and requires about five weeks of staff time as a match.

The district is also hoping to partner with Lincoln City and Lincoln County on a septic tank  revitalization program to identify septic tanks that are leaking into the lake and encourage owners, through a mixture of incentives and penalties to fix them.

Finally, the district is working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop a way of encouraging the growth of native vegetation, which can act as a buffer against inflowing nutrient’s as well as preventing shoreline erosion.

Robertson said ODFW has advised shielding planting sites with a fine mesh to prevent them from becoming a habitat for predatory fish that prey on young Coho salmon.

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