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Articles which attempt to clarify an issue that has been muddled

The DLNA Government Affairs Team

Voter Registration

badge_button_your_vote_counts_400_clr-300x300Voter Registration is one of DLNA’s largest and most important campaigns of the year.  The purpose this campaign is to register as many home owners around the lake as possible so that when we lobby the Devils Lake Water Improvement District our State and Federal legislators we can use those numbers and statistics to make an impact, especially on issues that involve life around the lake.  The DLNA also recognizes the importance of having an active and educated voting body in upcoming local elections to ensure that the best interests of the neighborhood prevail.  We will not formally be involved in elections but feel strongly that all residents both full time and part time should participate. The DLNA Government Affairs Team, along with all interested residents, make efforts to lobby Local representative, as well as State and Federal legislators on issues that affect our neighborhood, especially those that deal with Devils Lake. Continue reading


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Straight Talk

The septic revitalization program has brought many issues to light.  Many opinions have been expressed on this and related topics.  We have been accused of spreading misconceptions; this is not our goal and when possible we try to set the record straight.  There is a vibrant discussion occurring between residents all around the lake.  Some statements that have been made may warrant further investigation.  Clearly, it is important that the most accurate information will be used to solve the issue.

We are trying a new segment on this website entitled “Straight Talk” which represents our best effort to clear up statements we may have made or those made by others that could result in misunderstandings.  These articles are genuine attempts to get the facts correct by thoroughly researching the issue.  Despite our best efforts, there still is a potential that additional information exists that could further clarify an issue. We remind the reader that this is a two way medium and encourage you to comment or email any additional information or corrections that may be required create a more accurate view of the topic.

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Straight Talk: Garbage Collection and Water Cutoff

One of the justifications suggested by some for using the discontinuance of water service on the septic program is the statement that the City already requires residents to have garbage collection service under threat of discontinuance of water service. It is important to note that the City has never suggested that the rules that pertain to garbage service apply to the proposed septic tank ordinance.

The City requires residents where they have jurisdiction over garbage service, that’s within the city limits to have a minimum level of garbage service.  They have used the threat of discontinuance of water service to enforce this rule.  The City has not imposed any rule requiring the collection of garbage on residents where they have no jurisdiction over garbage service, that’s outside the city limits. Continue reading

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