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Gomberg Files for House District 10

Small Business Leader Files for Oregon House

Lincoln County small businessman David Gomberg has announced he will be a candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives in the 2012 election. Incumbent Representative Jean Cowan will not seek another term representing House District 10.

“For more than 20 years, we’ve lived here on the Coast, built a successful business, created jobs, and worked to make our community better. I’m ready to use my experience and my enthusiasm to help create a better economic future for families up and down Oregon’s coast.”

Gomberg and his wife Susan own Gomberg Kite Productions and Northwest Winds Kite Stores. They manufacture kites and wholesale to stores throughout North America. They have organized performances for Disney, the Superbowl, and motion pictures. In the past three years, they have opened three retail outlets and are now the largest retailer of kites on the West Coast. In 2004, Gomberg Kites was recognized as a statewide finalist for the Austin Excellence in Family Business Award.

“I’m a Democratic businessman with international trade experience. But more important, I’m a small town, family businessman who understands what it takes to survive in a down economy, and put people to work.” Continue reading

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City Set Sight On Sewers

The  News Guard

Citing the importance of Devils Lake to the Lincoln City area, city councilors have decided to pursue the idea of a new tax to pay for the installation of sewers throughout the watershed.

At its Nov. 14 meeting, Lincoln City Council unanimously agreed to move forward with the idea of a tax in addition to the development of an inspection program for septic systems that are tributary to the lake.

Councilors agreed that the task of levying the tax should fall to the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID), which includes the entire city as well as the portions of the lake watershed beyond the city limits. Continue reading

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Leaders weigh value of a clean lake

The News Guard

Options for tackling pollution in Devils Lake include a City fee on nearby septic tank owners, with the proceeds going toward installation of sewers around the lake, local officials say.

Meeting on Nov. 7, members of Lincoln City Council and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) heard such a fee could help the City afford the ambitious project, which has an estimated cost of $30 million.

The group also discussed the prospect of DLWID asking voters to approve a property tax increase to fund the work.

City Manager David Hawker said previous efforts to install sewer in areas including Neotsu and East Devils Lake Road have stalled due to the high cost estimates. Continue reading

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In Memorial – Al Rice

Long Time Lake Supporter Will Be Missed

Thomas A. “Al” Rice of Lincoln City died of complications from liver disease in Portland on Oct. 8, 2011. He was 87.

Al was born on Feb. 7, 1924, in Toledo, Ore., to Thomas Alfred Rice and Ruth Larson Rice. When he was 8, the family moved to Redmond, then to Baker, and finally to Portland, where he graduated from U.S. Grant High School in 1942. Continue reading

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City to Ponder Lake Sewers

One option for tackling pollution, officials say

The News Guard

Lincoln City leaders are to take a fresh look at ways to deal with septic systems around Devils Lake, with sewering being on the table as well as a mandatory septic tank inspection program.

The City’s proposal to introduce mandatory inspections of lakefront septic systems, was the subject of vocal opposition from some property owners in the run up to its approval in a split Council vote in March 2010.

Supporters of the inspection plan said failing septic systems are contributing toward pollution in the lake, a claim disputed by the plan’s opponents.

The details of the plan were originally to be hashed out in a series of public meetings throughout 2010, but the City has since placed the project on the back burner due to other priorities. Continue reading

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Roads Endgame

City’s water demands decried as ‘hostage’ tactics

The News Guard 

After several false starts, Lincoln City is set to proceed with the final phase of its effort to gather enough annexation consents from Roads End property owners to bring the area inside the city limits.

At its Oct. 24 meeting, Lincoln City Council directed staff to send letters to all Roads End property owners who have not yet consented to annexation, giving them 60 days to do so or face having their water shut off. Continue reading

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City Puts The Squeeze on Roads End Residents

Residents Resist; City Ratchets Water Service

The residents of Roads End recently received a positive Initial Review of their application to drill six wells which will become the new source of water for the reformulated Roads End Water District (REWD).  Also this week Lincoln City Council passed a resolution to direct the city manager to send 60-day notices to Roads End area residents requiring signed agreements consenting to annexation in order to receive continued water service. Continue reading

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