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Coffee On The Point

Summer has passed and life on the lake is running at a little slower pace.  It is a little rarer to wave at a friend zooming by in their boat or engage in a neighborly conversation during that morning walk.  With that in mind, we thought that we would invite you to, “Coffee on the Point”.

Nothing fancy just stop by on Sunday October 30th between 10:00am and noon for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat and say hello to a few of your neighbors.   We have had so much fun with Potluck on the Point that a little get together a few times during the year didn’t seem like such a bad idea.  The coffee will be at Mitch and Dana Moore’s; the A-frame at 2929 NE Loop Drive on Sand Point. Come on by!

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Roads End hopes to drill down on issue

Groups say water supply could ensure independence

The News Guard 

In an effort to resist annexation by Lincoln City, groups in Roads End are looking at drilling six wells in the area to create an independent water system.

Although the elected Roads End Water District (REWD) is spearheading the plan, supporters of the project are urging property owners to make donations to a private company run by one of the District’s directors.

One fundraising email, sent on Aug. 24 from the local nonprofit Roads End Improvement Association (REIA), asks residents to donate to the Keizer-based Roadsend Group, LLC, to fund “Engineering, Geologic, as well as legal” projects to fight annexation.

On Sept. 10, Roadsend Group founder Chuck Jacobsen sent a fundraising email that contained a statement from REWD President Maud Krom announcing the well plan.

Krom’s message did not include any request for donations, but Jacobsen’s portion of the email, which also referred to legal efforts to oppose annexation, asked for donations to the LLC. Continue reading

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Roads End Water District Seeks Water Rights

In an announcement released this week by Maud Krom, the President of the Roads End Water District stated that the District’s intention is to locate a  “secure & unthreatened water supply and discontinue service from Lincoln City.”  She further explained that this action was a direct response to the efforts of the City of Lincoln City to annex the area using the threat of water shutoff to obtain consent to annex agreements from area residents. The text of the announcement was as follows.


The Roads End Water district, in conjunction with The Roads End Improvement Association and The Roadsend Group LLC, is pleased to announce that the Roads End Water District has made application for water rights in the Roads End Community with the State of Oregon Water Resources Dept.

The end goal is to establish our own water system independent of any third party, that is a safe , secure & unthreatened water supply and discontinue service from Lincoln City.

The Water District board of directors have completed an extensive study into costs, system feasibility, and logistics and found it practical to pursue this solution to meet the needs of The Roads End Community.

We can no longer rely on Lincoln City to serve our needs in the future. The City has made it clear that they are willing to shut off water to our residents and stated publicly that their supply is limited. Lincoln City has placed those property owners who signed “consent” to annex forms in jeopardy. By signing the City form they signed away their right to uninterrupted water service, as the fine print in the consent forms essentially allow Lincoln City to unilaterally shut off water at any time for any reason–even after annexation and even if your bill is paid in full–without recourse. Lincoln City has essentially placed a moratorium on building on vacant lots or land. This renders those sites virtually unbuildable and of little value, thereby harming our community members. Continue reading

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Lincoln City Calms Water Shortage Fears

The News Guard

Lincoln City officials have decided to bring the City’s temporary water bypass back into service after deciding that the community faces too great a risk of running dry without it.

City Manager David Hawker said he hopes the bypass will be back in service by late Friday, Sept. 16, or early Saturday, Sept. 17, – after which, he said, the risk will disappear.

Until then, Hawker said, residents should refrain from stockpiling water, warning that such behavior could cause the situation to escalate “from a worry to a catastrophe.”

“There’s only two things that I can see that can really hurt us,” he said. “One is main break and two is stockpiling.” Continue reading

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Rep. Cowan Calls It Quits

State Rep. Jean Cowan has announced she will not seek re-election as the representative for House District 10 but will serve out the remainder of her current term, which expires in January 2013.  Rep. Cowan was the primary opponent to legislation this past session that would have prevented the City of Lincoln City from withholding water service to force residents into providing consent to annex, a practice they have accused of in Roads End.  Rep. Cowan sent an email announcement of her decision to supporters on Sept 13th; the text of that email is below.

It is time to share my plans with those of you who have become regular correspondents with me during my tenure as State Representative. To those of you who have also supported (both financially and emotionally) my efforts to gain and retain this position, I want you to know how much I have appreciated that support – and I want to assure you that I will do my best to see to it that HD 10 will be well-represented in the years to come.

Today I am announcing that I will not seek re-election for the 2013 term as the State Representative for the newly realigned House District 10. I will, however, continue to serve in my position until I complete my third two-year term in December, 2012.

Prior to my election to the State Legislature, I served as a Lincoln County Commissioner for three terms. And, before Pat and I moved to Lincoln County in 1987, I served as a city councilor and mayor of Elgin, Oregon. After more than 20 years in elected offices, it is now time for me to step aside. Continue reading

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21st Annual Lincoln City Sprint Triathlon is Sept. 11

From Oregon Coast Today

There are still spaces left in the 21st annual Lincoln City Sprint Triathlon, scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 11 at Regatta Park on Devils Lake.

The event begins with a .75K lake swim, followed by a 15.5K bike ride around Devils Lake, and finishes with a 5K out-and-back run. Individuals and two-person or three-person teams are invited to participate.

“This race is short enough for beginners, and at the same time challenging for the more seasoned triathlete,” Gail Kimberling, community center director, said.

Kimberling added Regatta Park is a wonderful venue for the race. “Devils Lake is ideal for the swim, and while the bike leg is a little shorter than other sprint events the topography and the course itself makes it challenging. The run is also tricky, with its numerous short hills,” she said.

Wet suits are recommended for the swim, and bicycle helmets are required. Volunteers are located at the park and throughout the different courses to provide directions and aid participants.

Regatta Grounds is the perfect venue for spectators, as well. The start and finish, and both transitions (swim-to-bike and bike-to-run), are located in the parking area near the boat ramp. Eclectic Edge LLC of Eugene is providing announcing and timing services.

All athletes will receive a long-sleeved technical T-shirt, swim cap, refreshments, and a great race. Awards will be given to the overall male and female winners and the top three finishers in each age group.

Until Sept. 10, fees are $40 for individuals, $55 for two-person teams, and $65 for three-person teams. Day of race fees are $45 (individuals), $60 (two-person teams) and $75 (three-person teams).

For information or registration call 541-994-2131 or see

Triathlon Quick Facts

8:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 11

Regatta Grounds Park on Devils Lake [Map it!]

.75K swim, 15.5K bike, 5K run

Fees: (until Sept. 10): $40/$55/$65; (day of race): $45/$60/$75

Information/registration call 541-994-2131 or see

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Golf Course Closer to Using Lake Water

The Lincoln City Council took another step toward the eventual use of water from Devils Lake for watering the Golf Course when they approved an agreement contemplated in May 2010 between the City and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians.  With the approval in the Aug 22, 2011 meeting the parties entered into an agreement for the City to lease part of its senior water rights on Rock Creek for use on the golf course. For more information on the transaction see City and Siletz Tribe Answer Citizens Questions.

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