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Devils Lake Revival

Carp diem!

This is a terrific article on the Devils Lake Revival and the history that it is trying to recreate. Visit our photo gallery on the Devils Lake Revival for photos of the event.

Devils Lake seizes on its history
By Niki Price • Oregon Coast TODAY

One might be surprised to see the word “devil” and “revival” on the same poster. The fellow with the horns and the tail isn’t usually invited to the old-time church meetings beneath the big tent. But these posters are referring a different kind of devil: the monsters that, according to Native American legend, once lived in Lincoln City’s freshwater lake. The Devils Lake Revival, then, is the resurrection of the annual summer party that was once held on its shores.

That community celebration, a day full of aquatic fun for the whole family, will be held this Saturday, Aug. 27, at Regatta Grounds Park. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., lake lovers can ride sailboats, take pontoon boat tours, learn to kayak and stand-up paddleboard, and listen to music by the Schooner Creek String Band. Those who add their addresses to the Devils Lake Water Improvement District’s e-mail list will be eligible for a raft of prizes including hotel stays, restaurant meals and even your very own, fully-equipped kayak. A dozen local agencies will be staffing booths, offering information on conservation activities throughout the region.

All the activities at the Devils Lake Revival will be free, except for the food. The Business for Excellence in Youth committee will be there, selling snacks and lunches to benefit the Backpack Program. Prize sponsors include the ‘D’ Sands Condominium Motel, the Historic Anchor Inn and Mo’ Continue reading

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Attend The Devils Lake Revival

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Yet Another Great Potluck

A Beautiful Day and a Great Time

We topped our attendance this year with some seventy odd residents of Devils Lake who came out Saturday, August 6th for the Third Annual Potluck on the Point.

Attendees spent the evening visiting with their neighbors while enjoying great food.  It was really fun especially the ability to socialize with those you already knew as well as having the chance to make new acquaintances.   Every shore of the lake was represented!

Mother Nature provided us a wonderful batch of sunny weather.  Visit our photo album to get a little taste of the event.    We plan to continue the Potluck; we have selected the first Saturday in August every year. So mark your calendar for August 4th, 2012 and plan on a fun evening.

We’re still trying to locate the owner of a few serving utensils so take a look at this photo and email me if you’re the owner of anything shown. If you have any ideas on more ways we can get our community together to enjoy our mutual company let us know and we’ll do what we can to promote it.

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City To Discuss Future Of Water Service

City Manager Recommends Curtailing
New Water Hook-ups

City Manager, David Hawker released a memo to City Council about water service in which he recommended that Council consider a policy that refuses any new service in the UGB outside the City. As justification for the recommendation he states that on Devils Lake,

“Over many years, including before Lincoln City was incorporated, this policy allowed about 700 homes to develop in the Devil’s Lake watershed without sewer service or any plan for it. Most of this development occured outside the City (though some of it has been annexed). The result is substantial pollution of the lake, and no provision to replace with sewer, no end in sight.”

He does not provide any proof or eleaborate in any way in support of his claim that the provision of water to homes on Devils Lake has substantially polluted the lake.  He continues to discuss issues in providing water to Schooner Creek and Drift Creek areas.

Hawker closed the memo by stating that he is “not urging any immediate change, only to initiate a discussion. There are many issues, and
any policy change needs to examine them carefully.”

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Join Us For Open Water Swim

Fifth Annual Wet Wednesday Swim

The Fifth Annual Wet Wednesday Swim will be held this year on a Tuesday, that’s August 9th at 9:00am.  Interested in an early morning swim join us at 2929 NE Loop Drive.  Each year a group of swimmers negotiated the 4 mile course from Sand Point to the D-River and back.

For pictures of the event check this Wet Wednesday Link.

Swim all or part of the Devils Lake course.  Swimmers usually report a great experience when they climbed out upon their return to Sand Point.  This annual swim is open to all who wish to participate.

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City Takes Next Annexation Step

Lincoln City officials have taken another step toward the eventual annexation of the Roads End area.  Over the past several months the City as been collecting consent to annex contracts from local residents as a requirement to continued water service.  Faced with the specter of an uninhabitable house enough signatures have been obtained for the City to claim a majority of homeowners and assessed value.  After removing several large undeveloped parcels from the area consider for annexation, the City was also able to claim a majority of land area satisfying the triple majority rule.

City Manager, David Hawker sent a letter to Roads End residents announcing the City’s intention to move forward with annexation and describes the changes that residents might expect.  He indicated that water service will now be consider permanent.  He explained that their streets will be placed in the transportation plan and made it clear that residents should not anticipate gravel roads to be paved as a result of annexation.  Water and sewer rates will be cut in half.  All homes in the Road End area will not be included in the City’s property tax base.  Additionally the City’s 5% franchise fee will be added to all utilities not provided by the City. Vacation Rentals will be required to comply with the City’s VRD rules and pay a 9.5% room tax.  The City also circulated a survey to ask for Roads End residents input.

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City Raises Water and Sewer Rates


Lincoln City Councilors, on a 4-2 split, approved raising sewer and water rates in Lincoln City effective July 1st. The increase for water is, on average, 6%, while the increase for sewer is around 4%.

The council also approved a provision that allows the city to charge a higher rate in the summer when water use peaks and costs are higher due to higher pumping and water treatment operations.

But overall, City Manager David Hawker says the annualized increases should not exceed 6% for water, 4% for sewer.  See complete article at News Lincoln  The typical residential base service charge for water will be $18.72 in the city and $ 39.70 outside the city, Sewer rates will be  $19.90 and  $39.81 respectively.

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