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Activities to bring new sewer connections to the lake

Future Sewer Booster

Program is Flush With Cash

The eventual expansion of the Lincoln City sewer system to the East side of Devils Lake received a boost from an unlikely source recently.  As reported in the March 14th News Guard Bi-Mart corporation has agreed to pay $25,000 toward the City’s efforts to develop a Sewer Master Plan for installing sewers around the lake.

The funding commitment is part of a negotiated settlement between the City and Bi-Mart stemming from the 2009 land purchase required for the construction of the new store located on Oar Ave.  As part of the sale agreement Bi-Mart agreed to construct its new store to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Due apparently to delays in the project the LEED requirement was not incorporated into the project.  Bi-Mart was willing to commit to the cash contribution as well as a commitment to purchase at least 6 percent of their energy needs through the Blue Sky renewable energy program.

Commencement of project to create a Sewer Master Plan for Devils Lake has yet to be announced by the City but the general topic has been on Councils agenda several times in the past few months.

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City to Ponder Lake Sewers

One option for tackling pollution, officials say

The News Guard

Lincoln City leaders are to take a fresh look at ways to deal with septic systems around Devils Lake, with sewering being on the table as well as a mandatory septic tank inspection program.

The City’s proposal to introduce mandatory inspections of lakefront septic systems, was the subject of vocal opposition from some property owners in the run up to its approval in a split Council vote in March 2010.

Supporters of the inspection plan said failing septic systems are contributing toward pollution in the lake, a claim disputed by the plan’s opponents.

The details of the plan were originally to be hashed out in a series of public meetings throughout 2010, but the City has since placed the project on the back burner due to other priorities. Continue reading

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