ed·i·to·ri·al    [ed-i-tawr-ee-uhl]

1. an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the publisher, editor,  or editors.

Since its inception, the Devils Lake Navigator’s primary goal has been to help create an increased sense of community and provide an open forum for discussion on issues related to Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon.  We have gone out of our way to present these issues in a balanced way in the hopes our readers could form their own opinions on important issues related to Devils Lake and the surrounding area. Recent events have compelled us to share our opinion on certain topics so we have added a feature to the Devils Lake Navigator, the Editorial Page.  On occasion, we will post an article stating our opinion and will clearly identify them as such.  We have also added a page to the site where you can browse our editorial opinion over time.  We encourage you to share your opinion on the topic by adding comments to the article.  We promise to present all sides; no comment conforming to our rules for posting will be censored.  Hope you enjoy this new side of the Devils Lake Navigator.


2 responses to “Editorial

  1. Richard Danielson

    I have seen no leadership on Lincoln City’s most important issue.It’s now almost mid September 2014. The lake is in the worse condition I have ever seen. I have lived in Lincoln City since 1959. I witnessed the planting of the first batch of grass carp and also the construction of the dam at the D River bridge. I was a vocal opponent of both and also gave solutions to the weed problems that led up to these measures. Here is the straight dope you folks do not want to hear. Most septic systems around the lake were installed many years back before the dam’s installation. The lake would rise in those days and do a bit of flooding but flooding only lasted a few days at a time. The septic leach fields that were installed back then with lower lake levels in mind and were mostly functioning properly. The installing of the dam, raised the lake level so lake water now saturates the leach fields. What was once mostly dry ground for months on end if not year long is now saturated and pollutes our lake year long. Blue green algae is the result as well as E-COLI. The lake has been posted as a health hazard because of this pollution. People are not using the lake for swimming or water contact uses. The value of lakeside property has surely declined because of pollution. The lake was always a safe place to swim and recreate as well boating activities pre-Dam. The first step to turn this around……..remove the dam in it’s entirety. Dredge from 101 bridge inland a hundred yards or so and lower the lake level so as to stop the unnatural flooding of old and failing leach fields This would be cheap and only the first step in the process of restoring the lake to be a healthy and enjoyable body of water to play on. Property values would improve. Modification to a few docks may be necessary but the public would be better served in the long term. Richard Danielson

    • The Devils Lake Water Improvement District has been backsliding and continues to ignore their responsibility to their charge. It’s apparent that every board member is more concerned with their position in society than the welfare of the ecosystem we the people trusted to them. Hence forth I WILL be looking at ways to disband the DLWID. Corruption like this is not going to be tolerated….Kent and Scovile will be on my A hit list. Paul…what can I say… You have shown yourself to not be an asset to the board. You are on my B list along with Ward and Randy… Why are any of you on the board? You will not ever get anything done. I said it once before..The bunch of you are as excited about improving the water quality of Devils Lake as Eunuchs holding hands in a red light district looking for a whore… Lisper and all. Kent Friends Of Devils Lake declares war!

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