Lake Level

We have created a online petition using a powerful new internet based tool called This is the tool that was used to get the Bank of America to reconsider their $5 debit card fee and also brought the words “pink slime” into the public discourse. When you visit the petition site by following the links below, you can read the text of the petition and will be asked to sign, only your name and city will be shared with the District. Once signed you will be counted and each of the DLWID board members as well as Paul Robertson will be emailed a copy of your petition letter. You can opt to add your own personal reasons for signing by following the link just above the sign button; those comments will be forwarded as well and posted on the petition site. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Lake Level Decision
The DLWID Board Is Considering Lowering The Lake Level

You may be thinking, haven’t we made it abundantly clear over the past three years that lowering the water level could severely impact the public’s ability to use the lake? This may include restricted access to boat docks, curtailed kayak runs, reduced wetland viewing, and potential water quality degradation, from increased water temperatures and blue-green algae blooms.

Unfortunately, some DLWID board members continue to fight for a lower lake. This past year the District paid $28,000 for an erosion study, which made no recommendation on lake levels. Nonetheless, this study may be used as justification for lowering the currently authorized summertime lake level of 9.53’ to a yet to be specified lower elevation. In its most recent meeting, the board decided to defer installation of the wooden boards that stabilize the lake level (sometimes called a dam), until late May. It has been suggested that the placement itself is under reconsideration.

What can you do to help?
We absolutely need your help, please get involved so we can once again put this issue to rest.  Here are ways to participate, pick several:
  • Attend the May 10th meeting; there is no substitute for a warm body in the room.
  • Educate the DLWID board of directors and sign our online petition. Share the links with others and encourage them to sign as well.
  • Draft an email and express your thoughts, forward it to the DLWID board; visit for help including examples and instructions.
  • Like us on Facebook, we share lots of additional information on facebook, we’re at
  • Help us get the word out;  call  your neighbors. Volunteer to canvas an area of the lake we have yet to reach.  We intend to try to contact every lakefront home this coming weekend.  Please email if you can help.

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