Vote For Two Positions on the DLWID Board

Lincoln County Special Election May 21, 2013

The Voters’ Pamphlet for this election is now available to provide additional information on candidates and measures and can be found at this link.

Devils Lake Water Improvement District, Positions 4 and 5 are currently held by Brian Green and David Skirvin have received two challengers Mark Christie and former DLWID board member Jack Strayer.  Follow are excerpts from the Voters Pamphlet for each candidate.  We have included links to candidates websites.  This is an important election ans we encourage to participate.

Position #4

Mark Christie


“Devils Lake is a rare gem that serves many of this District’s patrons in a wide variety of ways. My top priority will continue to be water quality that will improve the environment for fish, wildlife and the many people who enjoy the lake. Improved, safe, public access and use of our lake will foster a healthy economic climate for North Lincoln County”

 Brian Green


“I support the management tools we have listed in the Devil’s Lake Plan, including careful re-planting of carp, septic inspections, sewers, public communication and outreach; and shoreline, wetland, and wildlife protection. My positions on lake issues are clearly reflected in the Devil’s Lake Plan. Again, see”

Position #5

David Skirvin


“I support the goals of establishing Local Sewer Districts and having a septic tank inspection program enacted to ensure the systems around the lake are working properly. DLWID has determined one third of all systems in the watershed have no records of installation or service and are beyond their normal lifespan.”


Jack Strayer


“As a DLWID Director I will work to maintain  maximum lake height during the summer, reducing the blue-green algae, helping the young salmon, protecting the kids and pets, rescuing the wetlands and restoring a blue lake for all to enjoy.”

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April DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting was Thursday April 11th at 6:00pm and was held in the City Hall Council Chambers located on the third floor of City Hall. The full meeting is now available online at this streaming video link.

Public Comment: There were 6 interested parties in attendance. Those interested in commenting missed the first comment period and waited till the end of the meeting.  A representative from the Tigersharks Surf Club which is trying to help local kids learn water safety and how to surf made a second appeal for funding from the District. A resident from the Horseshoe bay area tried to plea with the Board for reconsideration of their lake level decision showing photographs that illustrated half the bay empty last summer.

Septic Ordinance: There was an extensive discussion of the septic program and sewers on the lake.  The discussion came and went throughout the entire meeting as consumed 2 to 2.5 hours of the meeting. In summary the septic program seems to have morphed from water shutoff as a mechanism to something more like adding a surcharge to water service for those who have not completed the required inspections.

Vegetation Management: The District has stated an outreach program to the public to find interested members of the public to assist in lobbying for grass carp.  This outreach has been primarily limited to online efforts rather than direct contact or direct mail.   Other tasks on the project were discussed.

Sewer: Brian Green reported again on the Voyage Local Improvement District, which lead to another round of discussion on sewers around the lake.  The District seems to be toying with getting actively involved in encouraging the expansion of sewer LID’s around the lake.  It is unclear from the discussion of what decision was made.

RARE Program: District staff proposed that the  $20,000 be invested in an effort to secure another season of a RARE Intern.  More information was requested.

Devils Lake Community Grant Program: The District is proposing to make available funding for grants to non-profits, community organizations, and local governments to engage in activities that offer benefits that align with the District’s mission up to $6,000 annually.  The Board did not take action on this request but did authorize $1,000 to be given to the Tigersharks Surf Club with the condition that the children work an unspecific amount maintaining the rain gardens.

The meeting adjourned after 10pm.

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Devils Lake Dash Coming Soon

The fastest Jet Ski racers in the Pacific Northwest will hit Devils Lake for the first-ever Devils Lake Dash presented by Chinook Winds Casino and Resort.

“Chinook Winds is proud to be a partner in this inaugural event in Lincoln City,” Marketing Director Eric Smileuske said. “This is a fun-filled, community-based event and is a tremendous opportunity to introduce visitors to what Lincoln City has to offer.”

Even though the event about three months away ~ it’s scheduled for May 18-19 — dozens of the best personal watercraft racers and freestyle riders in the Pacific Northwest have already indicated they’ll be kicking off their seasons in Lincoln City.

“Several World Finals competitors have already committed to racing,” promoter Rogel’ Harnack of Riverside, Wash., said. “Look for pro rider Aaron Newport from the Tri-Cities to clean up in his class. And Oregon’s own Alisha Goering should be a stand-out in the women’s division.” Both have finished in the Top 5 in the world at different points in their careers. Both are also familiar with the Oregon Coast, having also raced in the pounding surf at Pacific City. Continue reading

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Attend The March DLWID Meeting

March 14, 2013 6:00pm

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District now holds its regularly scheduled Board meetings on the second Thursday of every month. This month the District invites you to spend Valentine’s Day with them at City Hall. The agenda for this month’s meeting on Thursday March 14th at 6:00pm, contains several important topics.  During the meeting will be a discussion related to next steps the Grass Carp request recently submitted to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Our hopes are that a plan will be disclosed to enlist the public in support of the application.

Other topic of discussion this month includes the Septic Tank Revitalization Program and the plan for the upcoming intergovernmental meeting on the topic.  The District will present the initial plans for the Devils Lake Revival held in Regatta Park.  This year’s Lake Steward will be selected to follow Don Sell the 2012 recipient.  Several other items will be discussed as outlined in the Staff Report. The Water District makes several other important decisions regarding the lake every month and you are encouraged to attend.

If you cannot attend this month’s meeting; it will appear on Channel 4 for all Charter customers. You can check the Channel 4 Schedule for airing times. You may also now watch the meeting streamed lived, see the related article above. The best way to stay informed is for all lakefront homeowners and interested parties to attend these important meetings.

There are several topics of importance to lake residents on this month’s agenda. Please check the links to the District’s documents to review the other topics on the agenda for this month’s meeting.

Staff Reports
February 14 Minutes
February 14 Video

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February DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting was on Valentine’s Day Thursday February 14th at 6:00pm and was held in the City Hall Council Chambers located on the third floor of City Hall. The full meeting is now available online at this streaming video link.

Total Maximum Daily Load: Kevin Brannan from Oregon Department of Environmental Quality presented an overview of the TMDL process for the Mid Coast Watershed. He described how the DEQ details of the TMDL process suggesting there is a lot of data available including 165 sample stations with a 12 year history. Generally, they will identify sources, quantify bacterial levels and develop a plan for improvement where required. The plan will then be implemented, monitored, they will learn during the process, then they will improve the plan. In fresh water they are specifically concerned with eColi.

Agricultural Water Quality Plan and Rules Overview: Kevin Fenn from the Oregon Department of Agriculture provided a brief overview of the existing rules and water quality plans that govern agricultural in Oregon. He explained that they monitor agricultural activities near water. This is mainly related to erosion caused by farming, grazing and manure management.

Public Comment: There were 6 interested parties in attendance. A presentation was made by the Tigersharks Surf Club which is trying to help local kids learn water safety and how to surf. He explained they spend a great deal of time on the lake for training. He was looking for donations to supplement the tution for kids who cannot afford to participate. Another person suggested the District promote the Great Backyard Bird Count which is Feb 15th to18th.

Septic Ordinance: There was a report given on the Septic Tank Revitalization Program. City staff is at the point where they are ready to put together details to the program and suggested that a meeting be scheduled as early as March, it could be a City Council or a speci workshop. Details are still being worked out.

Save Our Shoreline: There was a brief discussion on the need to do a second round of maintenance at the raingardens and replant as required. The District has organized a fall and spring landscaping training course. The District decided to host the training this spring, and open it up to the public as a free course. Continue reading

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Help Count Devils Lake Birds

2013 Great Backyard Bird Count
Participate February 15th to 18th

Did you ever wonder what birds are on or near Devils Lake?  Perhaps you have seen Bill Henderson’s bird photographs on our Facebook page?  Did you know an annual count of bird species has been done on the lake since 2006?  The 2012 count for the Otis location identified 36 species and 1,064 during the Great Backyard Bird Count.

The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is an annual four-day event that engages bird watchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of winter bird populations. Participants are asked to count birds for as little as 15 minutes (or as long as they wish) on one or more days of the event and report their sightings online at Anyone can take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count, from beginning bird watchers, to experts, and you can now participate from anywhere in the world! It is very easy to participate just follow these simple instructions.  Let’s expand the data available on Devils Lake birds and have fun doing it!  To get started you can download this 2012 GBBC Checklist for Otis which you can use to participate in the count and enter your result later in the weekend.

The 16th annual GBBC will be held Friday, February 15, through Monday, February 18, 2013. Please visit the official website at for more information and be sure to check out the latest educational and promotional resources.

It’s free, fun, and easy. Each checklist submitted during the GBBC helps researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society learn more about how birds are doing, and how to protect them and the environment we share. Last year, participants turned in more than 104,000 online checklists, creating the continent’s largest instantaneous snapshot of bird populations ever recorded.

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Interested In Lake Leadership?

Ever think of getting involved in Lake Leadership?  There are two seats open for elections on the May Ballot.

electionsaheadsignwithblueskyThe election for Special Districts will be held May 21, 2013, for Devils Lake Water Improvement District, Positions 4 and 5 which are currently held by Brian Green and David Skirvin.   Additional information can be found on the county’s website.

Parties interested in running for office can contact Dana Jenkins, Lincoln County Clerk at 541-265-4131 or [email protected] for more information or can visit the County Clerk’s website for elections. Here are some of the key days for the coming election.

  • 1st day to file for office – February 11, 2013
  • Last day to file for office – March 21, 2013
  • Last day to file for Voters’ Pamphlet (candidates) – March 25, 2013
  • Last day to file for Voters’ Pamphlet (arguments) – March 25, 2013
  • Last day to file a measure – March 21, 2013
  • Last day to file a measure argument – March 25, 2013
  • Ballots mailed to military & overseas voters – April 5, 2013
  • Ballots mailed to out-of-state voters – April 22, 2013
  • Voter Registration Deadline – April 30, 2013
  • Ballots mailed out – May 3, 2013
  • Election Day – May 21, 2013

Individuals interested in running for public office need to file with the County Clerk’s office using the specified forms.  Use to links below to download the appropriate forms.

Candidate Complete Filing Packet
District Candidate Filing Form SEL 190
Candidate Signature Sheet Form SEL 121

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